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Identity Theft!

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by D41, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. D41


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    Location: Orange, CA
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    The other day I got a call from my "CHEVRON" gas-card provider to see if I had charged up $750 in one day at 2 gas-station locations in L.A. County - 6 transactions, each one for $125 (takes about & $90 to fill my 30 gallon gas tank).
    Yesterday I got a call from my bank to tell me that my ATM card had been "compromised", and they would have to lock my accounts until Tuesday - Thank God I had just returned from the bank, getting paychecks cash etc. for me to pay my bills & my guys etc.

    Can't understand how this has happened - My gas card & ATM cards are with me at ALL times, and I only ever use the ATM card INSIDE the bank, at the teller's window!
    VERY effing pissed right now....I am gonna effin kill those tw@ts if I get my hands on them!!

    :evil: :evil:
  2. Oh hell, that's really cr*p! :evil:
    We live an an age where it just doesn't seem to pay to be an honest and upright person :(
    What annoys me is how difficult banks here make it, trying to prove your own identity to access your own money :eek: My bank froze my account when I tried to use my own money to pay for my new bike...it took me a week of trips to my branch, my passport, utility bills, wage slips, and my employment contract before they would release my money. Fair enough you might say, they are protecting me, but I was made to feel like a criminal :roll: and only a few months before, my bloke had £500 taken from his account, as a card purchase on the internet...the card was in his wallet at the time!!!!
    Hope it gets sorted soon for you :cry:
    I firmly believe that what goes around comes around...so those people who stole from you will get what they deserve :evil:
  3. Rowly


    I have had my paypal account fleeced through ebay by £700 a few months ago :x well fooking mad, and trying to sort it out was even worse, it always amazes me how these scumbag arseholes of the world get your details, it really makes you think about banking on line and how unsafe it is despite having good passwords they are still able to get passed all the security, but I'm with you Daz........if I could get my hands on the sh*ts :twisted:
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I had my Barclaycard intercepted in the post some years ago when I lived in Amsterdam, came to light when I went to pay for a flight back to blighty.
    They racked up just over £2500 in a few days and the replacement cards still arrive by ordinary post instead of recorded delivery - it’s not surprising that it still goes on and some of the blame lies at the banks doorstep…
  5. D41


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    Location: Orange, CA
    Ah! - Glad I got that sorted!! - Apparently the ATM at my bank had been "compromised", someone had put a cardreader into the ATM or sommit, so I'm OK...& Chevron are 'fessing up that they were at fault for authorizing the 6 fraudulent transactions...What a relief!!

    V. Happy now! :D
  6. Always good to hear a happy ending :D
    Pity you have to go through so much cr*p to get back to normal :roll:
    Whoever is responsible will get what's coming...one of my firm beliefs in life :smileup:
  7. Deegee

    Deegee Moderator Staff Member

    Location: In the Garage.
    I'm glad it turned out ok this time for you, but after my Dad got shafted with this sh*tty crime 4 yrs ago in Specsavers of all places ???? ( jokes on a plain postcard please) I have been ultra careful with my personal mail and details.
    But I guess if they want to badly enough there are ways..

    Moonwitch, fwiw the whole "karma" thing works out in the end most of the time in my experience. The bad guys don't win, - given enough time; and good deeds nearly always bring something good back to you. :smileup:
  8. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    Hi all.
    if anyone has any problems with pay pal Ie rogue traders here is a list of paypal numbers and emails to try. Got the list from another 675 site, may come in handy some day.

    PayPal Phone Numbers: America & Canada
    1-408-967-5033 (TOLL NUMBER) Michael Oldenburg, HE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR COMPLAINTS!
    1-408- 376-7514 (TOLL FAX Number) Ryan Downs, Senior Vice President Operations, PayPal, Inc. and eBay Inc.
    1-402-935-2050 (Toll Number)
    1-888-215-5506 (Toll Free Number)
    1-888-221-1161 (Toll Free Number)
    1-408-376-7400 (Toll Number)
    1-408-376-7514 (Toll Fax Number) PayPal, San Jose, General Fax #
    1-650-864-8000 (Toll Number)
    1-402-935-2284 (Toll Number — Banking and Check Issues)
    1-402-935-2212 (Toll Number — ACH Processing & Check Services)
    1-402-935-2255 (Toll Number — Account Review Department)
    1-402-935-2257 (Toll Number — Account Review Department)
    1-402-935-2223 (Toll Number — PayPal Compliance)
    1-402-935-2250 (Toll Number — PayPal Compliance)
    1-402-935-2000 (Toll Number — Customer Service Department)
    1-402-935-2007 (Toll Number — Customer Service Department)
    1-402-935-5181 (Toll Number — Debit Card Services)
    1-402-935-2116 (Toll Number — Escalations Department)
    1-402-935-2129 (Toll Number — Escalations Department)
    1-402-935-2238 (Toll Number — Management, Escalations Department)
    1-402-935-2239 (Toll Number — Fraud Prevention Department)
    1-402-935-2251 (Toll Number — Manager, Resolutions Department)
    1-650-251-1101 (Toll FAX Number — Never Fax w/o a Case Number!)
    1-408-376-7514 (Toll FAX Number — Never Fax w/o a Case Number!)
    1-408-967-1005 (Toll Number — Amanda Pires, PayPal Media Relations)
    1-402-537-5755 (Toll FAX Number — PayPal Chargeback Department)
    1-402-938-2337 (Toll FAX Number — Compliance Department)
    1- 303-395-2802 (Toll FAX Number — Compliance Department)
    PayPal Phone Numbers: America & Canada — Senior Agents
    Should you have a PayPal problem that needs decision making authority, these are the persons you can contact directly. Each one of these persons has the power to review your account, unlimit your account or arrange for your money to be returned to you (among other things as well). PayPal Office of Executive Escalations:
    1-402-952-8691 (Thomas, PayPal Executive Dying to Receive Your Call)
    1-402-935-2238 (Tiffany Zaporowski, Strategic Risk Operations)
    1-402-935-2116 (Elizabeth Morey, Supervisor, Executive Escalations)
    1-402-952-8691 (Thomas, Senior Agent, Dying to Receive Your Call)
    1-402-935-2172 (Adam Braasch, Senior Agent)
    1-402-952-8902 (Gabriel, Agent, Executive Escalations)
    1-402-935-2268 (Beth Beutler, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-5146 (Leslie Byrne, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-2399 (Janyce Erikson, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-5145 (Melody Fry, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-2174 (Jackie Hart, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-2229 (Michael Lazure, Senior Agent) *ACH/Wire Expert*
    1-402-935-5163 (Rick Martin, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-5073 (Stephanie Mikovec, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-2157 (Megan Moore, Senior Agent) *WORKS WEEKENDS*
    1-402-935-3533 (Peggy Pattavina, Senior Agent)
    1-402-935-2331 (Tara Stevens, Senior Agent)
    1-402-938-3532 (Megan Wetzel, Senior Agent)
    PayPal Phone Numbers: United Kingdom
    08707/ 307 191 (UK Calling Rates Apply)
    0870/730-7191 (UK Calling Rates Apply)
    0208/ 6053000 (Landline Phone Number)
    020/8605 3001 (UK FAX — UK Calling Rates Apply)
    PayPal Phone Numbers: Australia
    (02) 8223 9500 (Australian Toll Rates Apply)
    1800 073 263 (Toll Free Number)
    (02) 8223 9555 (Fax Number Australia — AU Calling Rates Apply)
    (02) 8223 9501 (Fax Number Australia — AU Calling Rates Apply)
    PayPal Phone Numbers: Deutschland
    0180/ 500 66 27 (14 Euro Cents Per Minute)
    0870/730-7191 (Calling Fees Apply)
    030-8019-5161 (PayPal/eBay Hauptquartier)
    030-8019-5252 (FAX nummer PayPal/eBay Hauptquartier)
    PayPal Addresses America & Canada
    PayPal President, Rajiv Dutta, 19700 Montauck Court, Saratoga, CA 95070 (Home Address)
    PayPal Inc., 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131
    PayPal Inc., 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
    PayPal Inc., P.O. Box 45950, Omaha, NE 68145
    PayPal Inc., 11128 John Galt BLVD, STE 300, Omaha, NE 68137
    PayPal Inc., Legal Department, 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131
    PayPal Inc., 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
    PayPal Inc., 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304
    PayPal Inc., 3404 E Harmony RD, Fort Collins, CO 80528
    PayPal Inc., 18110 SE 34th Street, Vancouver, WA 98683
    PayPal Addresses: United Kingdom
    PayPal Europe Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, TW9 1EJ
    PayPal Europe S.a.r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., 5th Floor 22-24, Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg
    eBay (UK) LTD,
    P.O. Box 9473
    Dublin 15
    PayPal Managing Director, David Graham Clarke, 3 Woodside Road, New Malton, Surrey, KT3 3AH
    PayPal Addresses: Australia
    PayPal, Locked Bag 10, ATTN: Error Resolution, Australia Square PO, Sydney, NSW 1215
    PayPal, 19 1 York Street, Sydney New South Wales
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: PayPal Australia Pty Limited is a registered Australian Company (ACN 111 195 389) and is subject to Australian law.
    PayPal Addressen: Deutschland
    PayPal Europe S.a.r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., 5th Floor 22-24, Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg
    PayPal GmbH., Marktplatz 1, Europarc-Dreilinden, BerlinD-14532
    Postfach 750263
    60532 Frankfurt/Main
    PayPal Email Addresses
    Avoid using PayPal's automated email submission center — that email goes straight to New Delhi, India where you will get a prompt reply back that has nothing to do with what you asked in the first place. For faster results, email the following departments (where people with decision making authority can help you or not help you):
    moldenburg@paypal.com (Michael Moldenburg, Paypal Complaints)
    sthompson@paypal.com (Scott Thompson, PayPal President)
    mhentges@paypal.com (Mary Hentges, CFO PayPal)
    crme@paypal.com (PayPal Office of Executive Escalations)
    service@paypal.com (Unmonitored)
    press@paypal.com (Let public relations know you are filing complaints)
    apires@paypal.com (Amanda Pires — Media Relations Contact)
    Tip: Send your problem to EVERY PayPal email address that you can find, not just one. That way you have different people and different departments dealing with your problem.
    eBay Contact Information America/Canada
    1-800-322-9266 (eBay Customer Service Number — Toll Free America & Canada)
    1-800-717-3229 (eBay Customer Serive Number — Toll Free America & Canada)
    1-866-304-3229 (eBay Marketing — Toll Free America & Canada)
    1-408- 376-7400(eBay General Phone Number — Toll Number)
    1-408-376-7401 (eBay General FAX Number — Toll Number)
    1-408-376-7419 (Gary Dellabo, ebay Strategic Partnership's Group — Toll Number)
    1-408-376-7517 (eBay General FAX Number — Toll Number)
    1-408-376-7205 (eBay Investor Relations, Tracey Ford — Toll Number)
    1-408-376-7458 (eBay Media Relations, Hani Durzy — Toll Number)
    1-801-545-2276 (eBay President, Direct Number Salt Lake City — Toll Number)
    1-408- 376-7514 (TOLL FAX Number) Ryan Downs, Senior Vice President Operations, PayPal, Inc. and eBay Inc.
    1-801-545-1853 (eBay Accounts, Christa, Accounts Specialist, Salt Lake City — Toll Number)
    eBay Email Addresses
    spoof@eBay.com (Report Spoof or Phishing Emails/Websites)
    exec.relations@ebay.com (eBay Executive Relations)
    matthewb@ebay.com ( Matthew J. Bannick, President, eBay International)
    government_relations@ebay.com (eBay Government Relations Department)
    billcobb@ebay.com (President, eBay North America)
    eBay Address/eBay CEO Home Address
    eBay Inc.
    2145 Hamilton Avenue
    San Jose, CA 95125
    eBay Contact Information United Kingdom
    0700 500 3229 (eBay General Number — UK Calling Rates Apply)
    020 8605 3111 (UK Power Seller's Help Line — UK Calling Rates Apply)
    0906 665 8030 (eBay Customer Service — UK Calling Rates Apply)
    0906 665 8030 (eBay Customer Service — UK Calling Rates Apply)
    eBay Address UK
    eBay UK Ltd, Complaints Department
    PO Box 659, Richmond-upon-Thames
    Surrey, TW9 1TX
    eBay (UK) LTD,
    P.O. Box 9473
    Dublin 15

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