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Interesting Test on Helmets!

Discussion in 'General' started by StuRowcliffe, Jul 29, 2008.

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    The latest issue of 'Bike' magazine dropped through my door on Saturday, and just read an interesting article on some new safety test scheme on Motorcycle helmets being introduced by the british government, similar idea to the european NCAP tests for cars, basically rating helmets from 1-5 stars based on how they cope with direct impacts and glancing(twisting) impacts at various speeds up to 19mph.

    In the article the justified this low speed by the fact that if you 'fall off' your bike through a corner your head only hits the ground at the same speed as if you stood up and dived head first into the ground, that and if you hit a solid object in the head at 70mph there is nothing your helmet will do anyway.

    They came back with some interesting results, the top of the range Arai RX7(£450) scored only three stars while a £60 Lazer helmet got 5.

    Link > http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/ How does your helmet do?
  2. Yea seen that article aswell, seems strange how there can be such a price differnce for the same standard of helmet, i think i'll be taken that article with a pinch of salt for now.
    Personally i have a Carberg vr2, and although its a comfy helmet, i do find the fit of it slightly large, when out riding it always fels like it wants to come off, but then the smaller size did not fit.
    Anybody else have any experience with Carberg's, would be intersting to see what other people think.

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