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Jardine RT1

Discussion in 'General' started by Fez, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Fez


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    Am sure there may be a previous post on here but I could not find one. Has anyone here had the Jardine RT 1 fitted. Would love to get some feedback before laying out all that cash on a can that looks great but does it perform....???

    Any input on aftermarket cans would be appreciated.
  2. Arrow all the way
  3. + 1 for the arrow
  4. Fez


    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the guidence guys..... I am still a little confused on the Arrow as when I look that one up there are 2 different versions I see.... Nige I checked out your pics and for sure its a nice looking addittion, any idea on gains and of course your thoughts on noise would be appreciated...
  5. Where are you looking it up? Best place is on the triumph website.
    There are 2 versions on there a slip on end can and a full race system. The one Nige and I have is the slip on can.
    As regards noise, they have a removeable baffle. WIth the baffle in the exhaust not is deeper and a bit louder, sounds nice. However I run mine with the baffle out and the note is then a lot louder without being offensive (well overly). If you have this can and intend to run with the baffle out you will need to get your dealer to download a new map for the ecu.
  6. MAD675


    Location: Cyprus
    Hi Fez, I have the jardine fitted to my bike and I think its pretty awesome. Before I got my 675 I had heard the Jardine on You Tube and thought I need one of those. Luckily the bike I bought had one already fitted as well as having the TOR map loaded. Unfortunately that means I can't compare it to the standard exhaust. Personally I love the sound and the look of the Jardine, but like everything in biking its down to individual taste so my advice would be just to go with whichever one you like best. Happy Shopping.
  7. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    Hi Fez,

    Unless your 'talented' enough to screw every last bhp out of your machine (I openly admit I'm not so please don't think this is a put down) then finding an extra bhp or 10 really isn't going to make any difference to your bike, so as MAD675 said just get the pipe that pleases you both aesthetically and aurally the most ;)

    FWIW I'm also a fan of the Jardine, but equally I like the Yoshi in full carbon & having heard the Arrow slip-on the other day I'm well impressed by that to. Great note without being too boomy.


  8. i run mine with no baffle and it makes a boooootiful noise...probably a bit loud but who gives a fart.....as for power gains...no idea but i think the power and torque curves are different from standard, my apologies if that was an obvious statement...but like the others said...its all personal choice, good luck searching though

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