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Just got to love the triple

Discussion in 'General' started by Stu, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Stu


    Thread Starter

    Location: Leeds
    Stopped at traffic lights when a kit car pulled up which after looking on t'interweb I believe it to be a Cateram Lotus 7. Anyhoo the lights change and he starts giving it some. I got suckered in so gave the 675 a twist of the wrist. The next thing I hear is the chain clattering about and the bike feeling like it's running on one cylinder. The bike soon settled down to show the kit car who was boss. On looking down I noticed that I'd stopped in 3rd.

    I presume the kit car driver would be rather embarrassed knowing he'd been spanked by a bike pulling away in 3rd gear :eek: :devil:
  2. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Haw haw :lol: Shame you weren't in 1st, would have really shown him what for :D
  3. hahahahahahaha now thats class!!! nice1 m8
  4. I have always wanted a car like a Caterham 7....but after hearing that.....what is the point!
  5. cool story!

    ariel atom for me if i got a two seater!!
  6. + 1 :D
  7. Did simular,rolled up to a busy local roundabout (where the A39 meets the A30 at Carland Cross),when the traffic clear,dived in a gap & thought The D675 was bogging down a bit, so slipped the clutch & gave some more revs, them relised I was in 3rd :oops: . Just got to love the torque. Even my Fazer thou would of stalled with that sort of treatment :!: !
  8. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    Standard Caterhams are pretty poor on the power stakes, usually around 130bhp which equates to approx 230bhp/tonne. What you want is an R400 Superlight ;) they have 400bhp/tonne! They do an R500 to but it's larger and heavier and kind of against their ethos I think. Awesome machine though!

  9. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Yeah, there's defo some solid reasons why the 'seven' has been made for over 50 years...like Andy & Nige though - I would go for an Atom.[​IMG]
  10. Stu


    Thread Starter

    Location: Leeds
    Loved the Atom since I saw it on Top Gear but I've only ever seen one on the road :(

    I'm not sure what the car was that I spanked but it was green and had a yellow badge. I didn't see the whole badge but I thought it looked like a Lotus badge.
  11. Must have been old if it was a lotus 7 they sold the rights years ago.
  12. spike


    Location: oswestry
  13. mark mac

    mark mac

    Location: Liverpool
    personal trick is to keep level with them revving high is 1st,2nd ass up head down....they think they might just win........then i sit up, smile and wave while I crack the throttle open and stonk them! usually wipes the smile from their faces!

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