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Just off for a run

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Edski675, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Edski675


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    ...with legs, I mean. No bike involved. I haven't run for a few months so it will be interesting. Made up for it with bacon butties. These hills are going to kick my arse.

    Will report later :lol:
  2. Edski675


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    I did 8.5 hilly miles in 80 mins. Pleased with that, I've always preferred distance to speed :D Felt I could have gone further. Just need to keep at it now :lol:
  3. ed i did 5.5 mile in 48 minutes. i was sucking though.
  4. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    I did 168 miles in 2hours30mins on friday, and when I got out the other end i wasnt tired at all. hahahahahaha!
  5. I know the feeling, did 160 miles in 3 hours 10 minutes, including stopping for a cuppa (I had to, as I was two up on the 'other' bike, she who must be obeyed won't ride on the D675!)
  6. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    Since stopping smoking I've put on two and a half stone in 4 months so I've borrowed a push bike. I did 9.3 miles this morning and it nearly fecking killed me. :( I did my work run which I do on the 675 and it's mostly down hill which is fun. Coming home is a killer though. I need to do it though.

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