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List of Aftermarket End Cans

Discussion in 'General' started by Rickster, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Hi chaps...

    I am looking to find a list of what manufacturers make exhaust end systems for our bikes. I have search on here but no luck..

    I know of Arrow,Jardin,Zard and 2 Bros and of Course Triumph but if there was an easy informative list that would be great?? Anyone have any idea, thanks

  2. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
  3. CHeers mate. Had a look a nd from what I can gather, Despite the options the nicest looking is the Arrow without needing to bodge up the number plate lights like the others on the market.

    The Jardine looks awsome but not with that hideous scaffolding for a fxing plus no plate lights.

    The rest just stick out the back like they were an afterthought despite probably sounding great..
  4. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    I like the Arrow the best on the 675 - it really does look like the dog's danglies.
  5. Agreed :D
  6. the Yoshi is a nice one, needs someone to shorten it for you though...sounds great with the baffle out.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'm a 2 bros man as the carbon looks very nice indeed.
  8. spike


    Location: oswestry
    +1 for the two brothers exhaust it looks uber cool!

  9. Cheers guys for the feedback. I appreciate that some of these cans look awsome like the two bros etc.. BUT I know its mainly personal taste, I dont like the way a) they stick out the rear way too much and usually have to get some odd looking tail tidy or get left with a massive gap if using the stock one.

    An example is the Jardine RT1... can looks great but fitted looks naff with the 'mechano' type fitment and worse of all doesnt cater for a number plate light.

    However.. you mention the Yoshi can being shortened??! That sounds like a possible choice if I can get a nice fitting tail tide for it.. I think overall after looking into it 85% is favouring Arrow as they saound wicked without baffle and goes without saying designed for the 675.

    Has anyone tried the TOR can and taken the baffles out ? as visually thats a nice looking can too but probably not so grunty sounding as the more expensive cans

    We shall see :)

    Thanks chaps
  10. ai118.photobucket.com_albums_o116_mechanicyuk_2bros.jpg_1577b67da79f73dd76d730e567387758.jpg

    sounds great ask chickenstrip

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