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Motografix Front Number Boards - Anyone got them fitted?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ninjaboy, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Ninjaboy


    Thread Starter

    Thinking of putting these on to protect the front fairing.
    Already got a couple of chips. :(
    Has anyone else got one fitted :?:
    Would you recommend and any pictures would be great.

  2. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    Hi mate,

    Saw some on a trackday at Donington the other month on a Yellow 675. TBH really not my cup of tea but might look ok on a white bike like yours. If you wanna protect the bike though then why not.

    Ultimately I was hoping to lay my hands on another fairing set for my bike so I can keep the originals mint. But alas I have some stone chips now, so am just using the bike as it was designed to be used. As long as you keep it clean enough (must admit I'm pretty anal about keeping mine clean) then I don't think stone chips are to much of an issue, unless it looks like the front of the bikes had a tub of gravel thrown at it on the limiter in 6th. It's never going to escape every stone chip as the roads are so bad. Sadly for me it's to late I have chips but as my bikes only a metallic colour I may get the chips blown in if or when I source some fairing.

    Good luck!


  3. You could always get your fairing protected with ventureshield - its a clear plastic film designed to protect the paint. Ive fot it on my tank.


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