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MV Agusta F4 CC

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Craig, Aug 4, 2009.

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  2. mark mac

    mark mac

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    They've gone up in price then! I seen one up for sale in D&K in stoke.in august last year spanking new. £55000!
  3. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    I think they're $118,000 over here.....the price does seem a tad high for the occasional run to Tesco's.
  4. my dad has one its only a 750 and gettingone for 5 years old, he let me ride it when my tirumph was stuck at the dealers for a weekend, it was bloody brilliant but i was like omg omg dont drop it ALL the time! the fueling system is nothing compared to my 675 tho, but its got full open MV arrow cans and god they are noisy!!
  5. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    wow , your dad is a lucky fella ,and you are a lucky lady is all i can say , and again wow
  6. I did hear a story in the Isle of Man , Mad Sunday 5-6 yrs ago a guy is out on his MV and bin`s it at the Goose neck , just panel damage (?) . Head`s away home grabs his sons MV and low and behold bins that one at the same place , so the story went when he low sided his MV he thought he could get around the Goose neck faster , so goes and get`s his sons bike ,,, but this is the Isle of Man after all- so it could be a true story...

    might have been the first year i took my beloved daytona 600 2003
  7. yeah i was turning a few head at Brighton this year when i pulled up on it hahaha! i got her up to 140mph going down there at 7am, dad wasn't so impressed when i told him that story...... he's had the wheels powder coated silver now so it looks like a 1000, swear to god you cant tell the difference between em......

    but a isle of mann story like that has got to be true haha!
  8. bladebiker


    Location: Sheffield
    That is quite probably one of the most beautful bikes I have seen
  9. aww thank you for my dad, he made a bracket for the foot rest coz the were too high for him, so its quite comfy to ride now!! but thats only coz he's old and fat. i said to him when he told me he had brought one 'you gonna be able to reach the handlebars with that belly?' yep that didn't go down too well.....

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