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My bikes back home but.............

Discussion in 'General' started by Thaibite, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Thaibite


    Thread Starter

    Location: Leeds
    £2,500 later and my bikes back home after my little offie before Christmas, however I have a problem.

    The offside panel and nose cone had a little gravel rash so the dealer had them resprayed. Bike looked fine in the garage but on inspection now I've got it home it's not a good match at all. Should be a graphite grey but the respray definately has a hint of blue about it. I've taken photos but I dont think they have picked up the difference in colours very well - i also don't know how to post pics on this site :oops:

    I've spoken again to the dealer and they used the paint codes so I can't understand why it looks so different? Dealers being good though, they are going to take the bike back and have another go at matching it.

    On another point, the guy I had the accident with is saying that the accident happened later in the day than it did and that his insurance lapsed prior to the accident

    Really can't understand why he would be coughing up to driving without insurance AND causing an accident rather than just letting the insurance people sort it? Anyway I have a mobile call from him just after the accident which confirms the time it all happened. Waiting to hear what he's going to say next

  2. Thaibite


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    Location: Leeds
    Stu's just told me to create a folder in the gallery and link back so here goes.....


    Can you see the difference between the side panel and tank? It's the sidepanel and nose cone that's been resprayed.

  3. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    fixed the photo sizes. I think there is a slight colour change compared to the tank - I'm also trying to take into consideration the tank is a different material to the fairing. I think I would have to see it in daylight to make a fair judgement - but at the end of the day if your not happy with it like that it'll always be on your mind whilst riding.. i would personally take it back get them to re-do it until youre happy 100% with it; if no change maybe a complete re-spray? The only down point being the cost of it ; seeing that the other guy has no insurance.

    sods law :/
  4. I have a Nissan 300ZX (Ok I know it's not a bike) and had this exact problem, the car's colour code wasn't the colour of the car. I'm lucky because I became friends with a fantastic spray shop owner and he noticed that the colour actually had a purple tint through the black paint. He was also being hackled by a Dupont salesman who wanted to sell a laser paint detector that could get a near perfect colour match, so they tested the machine on my paint. It recognised the paint and produced the colour code (technology for you!) and mixed the paint. The paint was different to the colour code standard, but matched the car???

    I would never allow a dealer to paint a bike/car and would always go to a spray shop if possible.
  5. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Well looking at the Paint Job the Bike looks like new but if your not happy the I hope the dealer can sort it for you.

    Hope all goes well J
  6. Rowly


    Hi, From the experience I have had with a car I used to own was when I had
    to have one of the wings resprayed,that also had the same problems with
    matching the original paint work,I was told by the spray shop that the original
    paint had faded and would be impossible to match it, I am not suggesting
    that this is the reason in your case but a full respray may be the only option.
    If you fail with your claim through the insurance company try taking the idiot
    that caused the accident through the small claims court,these people who think
    they can drive around with no insurance need to be brought to book.
    Best of luck.

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