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New Lid Advice

Discussion in 'General' started by DaytonaSparky, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. mark mac

    mark mac

    Location: Liverpool
    I've got an Arai RX7-RR in edwards colours. love it. fits like a snug glove. but I do find it noisy...everyone I know with Arai's say they are noisy helmets...

    I've got a mag somewhere that rated helmets and the schuberth(i think) won the quietest award...
  2. DaytonaSparky


    Thread Starter

    Location: reading, uk
    It arrived yesterday and I wore it for the first time today.

    It fits like a glove....but it feels a little strange compared to the AGV....just need to get used to a new helmet I think.

    First impressions are that (confirming Mark's post above) it isn't as quiet as I had hoped.....but there you go. I am going to try and get a dealer to make sure the visor is fitted properly and see if that helps..

    The pinlock is an awesome piece of kit....it was a doddle to fit the fog free insert....but it took an age to get the visor back on!

    Overall I am pretty happy with my new purchase!
  3. mark mac

    mark mac

    Location: Liverpool
    ear plugs work for me. I noticed as well the noise gets worse when I wear my spidi one piece complete with turbulence creator...sorry...speedhump!
  4. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire

    perhaps quiet ant all that good ? my xr1000 is quiet ,but i prefer the roof unless its pissing down i have also ridden in the past with iPod / ear plugs / & inner muffle all nice a quiet , but t/b/h. i don’t mind a bit of noise , i like to hear the exhaust moaning away & it gives you a better chance to hear car horns & sirens letting you know they are there ,( just before you do something stupid onetime ) , also you can have a quick chat at lights if you are out with your mates.
    ok if you are trogging up the m-way at a steady speed the drone gets on your tits a bit , but i just slow up then have a blast for a bit
  5. I have an Arai head and have a Viper GT (Takahashi colours). I love it but it is far louder than my old cheap Arai. I have been told that the more expensive the helmet the louder they are. This is due to them being lighter (thiner & less padding) and having more vents.

    I would always recomend Arai though as when I had my off, I just sent my lid off to Arai (for free) and they sent it back with a nice little certificate confirming that it was fine. I have been told that no other manufacturer will do that.
  6. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    Ditto that. I've also heard about that service from arai. Fortunately for le I've never had to use it. I also heard you can take your lid to authorized arai dealers and they service your lid to, replacing pads where necessary etc to keep it box fresh. Will be trying this soon! They have different sized pads for each piece to so you can completely customize your lids interior to match the shape of your head/face :)


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