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New tyres for Street Triple

Discussion in 'General' started by george.florentin, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. george.florentin


    Thread Starter

    Location: Brussels
    Hello ladies and gents!

    My 2015 Street Triple came with Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres which I am not interested in having starting next season. Why? Because I would like to not die when it starts to rain, or it rained the day before, or I ride on cobblestone, or a patch of road is colder than usual, or the planets are not aligned to help with my grip, or because my tyre wants to kill me.

    I was present this year at the 675cc fest and Saturday morning rained. When we left for the ride, I tried to accelerate fast enough to keep up with some guys and my rear wheel was spinning and I was going nowhere.
    I went slower, changed earlier till 3rd and again tried to keep up with same results as in first gear.
    My rear tyre also started to be a bit square, after 6000 KM, so the widow makers have to go.
    This is proof that I am not crazy: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Pirelli/Diablo-Rosso.htm

    I am very interested in Metzeler SPORTEC M7 RR which seem to be what I want (though they are too new for the reviews to be conclusive), but I also read very good reviews about MICHELIN Pilot Road 4.

    The technician from my local Triumph dealer said I should go for the Metzeler, as they are built for my type of bike, whereas the Michelin are more for heavy bikes, for Sport Tourers.
    The Pilot Road 4 is actually the competitor of Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact, which, according to the official website, has less grip than M7 RR, but the PR4 has 3 version: Standard, GT & Trail.

    Can I have your thoughts about these 2 tyres?
    Is the PR4 Standard good for my Street Triple?

    Cheers from Belgium,
  2. 23Dark


    Location: London
    Hi George,

    Not quite an answer but I'm sure a few will be along. I've had PR3s fantastic in wet, a little bit squirmy though. I've got Roadtec Z8s on my Fireblade, and they are great. Very good tyre and despite 5 K, I track day and majority of riding on Autobahn and MOtroways for commuting and touring they are in great shape.

    Probably doesn't help you - otherwise the consensus are that M7s are the ones to go for an I'll be using them as soon as one set of my tyres need changing.
  3. W_esty


    My dad has just picked up a BMW R1200R with Z8's as OEM
    Must be a good tyre to deal with 92Nm of Torque and 125hp & the bikes 198kg dry but that's more then a wet 675

    PR3's have been rated above PR4 but the 4's added a little more mileage. I've had the PR3's completely flat out 6th gear leaned over in a storm and have a lot of confidence for UK "weather" riding.

    People here rave about the M7RR's but I think these are more like Pilot Powers which again I'm impressed with.
    I have three sets of tyres to use before I buy anymore, but the set after will be with Pilot Power or M7RR's for UK roads

    Good luck deciding
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2015
  4. I'm riding Rosso corsa in the rain, all the time, on a Ducati 899 and they are absolutely fine, no worries at all, they are multi compound with decent tread. By all means change them if u wish, but perhaps not before u have actually tried them because U may save some cash.
  5. I just read the review link u posted, I'm genuinely shocked! I don't find them bad and never activated the traction control on the 899 even on level 8 (max) and I know BDTD commuted on his 899 for a winter and had no issues
  6. StephenP


    Location: Hertfordshire
    PR4s here, heard great things about the M7RRs, either will do the job.

    Was out in heavy fog yesterday, roads were nice and greasy. Rear and front stayed planted to the road like glue, one less thing to worry about when you can trust your tyres.

    Whichever ones you pick from the two will do fine.
  7. John Leye

    John Leye

    Location: Scotland
    Can't comment on your two choices, but I can comment on the Roadtec Z8, I had these fitted to my STR earlier in the year and can say that they are a good all round tyre, rode from Scotland to the Isle of Man in the summer without any squaring off, had a few spirited laps around the track with plenty of grip. Then had a track day last month in wet but drying conditions and they were excellent, plenty of grip on signs of slipping even when on full throttle coming out of the hairpin in second gear. I was going to try the PR4's but the tyre supplier didn't have the size of rear in stock so he suggested the Z8 and I can't fault them, almost 5000km on them and they still have plenty of life left in them.
  8. neelyp


    Location: Falkirk
    M7RRs for me on the Street and the Daytona.
    Very confidence inspiring, seem grippy enough when I've been caught out in the rain.
    Can't talk about longevity cos I never get enough miles done!
  9. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    PR3s are fab tyre, never had any problems with them in any weather every day long or short rides!
    Wouldn't mind trying the Z8s now after I have heard a fair bit about them recently.
    Have heard only good things about the M7RR. I had the M5RR and they were fab while in Wales in very heavy rain. Had total faith in them, so could be worth a short for the M5 as they are older so will be less dosh
  10. Staffy50


    Location: Lincoln
    I have M7RR's on the road bike and they are good enough for me. Good enough for knee down in the damp. Tyre is starting to bubble(?) on the edges, like they've have been tracked, but only used on the road..Might swap to another hypersport tyre come summer.
  11. volant


    Location: London
    I also use Diablo Rosso Corsa. Which are one 'sportier' than the Rosso in Pirelli's line up.

    I've heard very very good things about the M7RR, may try them next. Although they are sporty and not really a direct comparison for the PR. One is arguably the best sporty road/track tyre, one is arguably the best all round tyre. I'd pick between those two based purely on your planned usage...

    I agree with Phil748 though, most modern tyres are very good, I'd be pretty staggered if they're THAT bad that they're actually dangerous. There'd be law suits all over the place.

    3rd gear low rev spin up when short shifting on a street triple?! Got to be more to it than that? Grease, diesel, bit of acf 50 on the tyre?

    Also I do ride to the conditions - commuting in greasy London or riding in the wet? Still quick, but no big grab of throttle of fist full of brake. I change my riding, I still use wide open throttle, but everything is very progressive, linear and gentle. I don't think you can actually expect a sporty road tyre to behave the same in the wet. Knew down in the wet is possible, the grip is there, but it's gradual and progressive inputs necessary.

    As a leveller, what tyres have you used in the past? If they were so much better would you consider them again?
  12. george.florentin


    Thread Starter

    Location: Brussels
    The Street Triple is my first bike. I didn't own anything else.
    My bike has Pirelli Diablo Rosso, not Rosso Corsa.
    Every time I oil my chain I also clean the tyre, as the bike is already on the stand.
    Yesterday I went on some nice country roads and I entered a curve which on dry roads I go with 90kmh but it was cold and humid so I entered with 40 and I felt the back tyre as it was trying to let go.
    Other bikers went with more speed and I felt the old guy who should have stayed at home.
  13. Cleaned the tyre? What do u mean?
  14. george.florentin


    Thread Starter

    Location: Brussels
    Soapy water, rub, rinse with clean water, inspect.
    Am I doing it wrong?
  15. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    Personally would just use water on the tyre. I wouldn't want anything to contaminate my only grippy areas.
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  16. Shaun


    George i would buy the PR4 for all year riding on a street triple everyone i know who has used them has raved about them,when i had a str i used PR3s for 10.000 mile and they were very good in cold and wet conditions but prefer the PR2s for the type of riding i do.
  17. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    Oh and as for tyres so many people have different opinions on them. I have talked to people who swear by Supercorsas even in the winter. I had those tyres for a week and slipped off because the rubber was cold Never gone near them again.

    Again I have talked to people who will only go for Michelin and nothing else same with Bridgstone. Do a lot of homework on different ones and see what type of riding you do. It's autumn now and it's a stone throw away from winter so tyres with big grooves and quick warm up times are a must
  18. Yep, I wouldn't use any soap on tyres, often it has a wax in it (unless it's fairly liquid) which I wouldn't use on a bike anyway due to the high salt content. Yes soap does get on the tyres during washing but I wouldn't scrub the tyres. I'm really careful with chain lube also, it's horrendous
  19. Stu675


    Location: Gu1
    I would nearly say the same except everyone I know who has used pilot road 4's has hated them and preferred the pilot road 3's.
    The 4 is exactly like the 3 except it gets 20% extra mileage. That extra mileage has come at the expense of dry weather grip. So better to save money by buying the cheaper 3 than the new 4.
    Alternatively I am very happy with m7rrs and I am sure z8 are fantastic if you prefer more mileage at the slight expense of grip.
  20. kwacky


    Location: Birmingham
    I use the M7rr all year round and on track. No issues at all and excellent in the wet.

    I got 6,000 miles from a rear on my zx6r with commuting and track days. That's good mileage for me. I'm not easy on my tyres.

    In my opinion you can't go wrong with either of your choices, both the PR4 and the M7rr are excellent

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