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Discussion in 'General' started by Ff6022, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Ff6022


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    Hello guys,
    I'm planning a trip to the ring next yr. hopefully June.
    I am not a track rider but I just want to go round the ring as and experience. One time bucket list kind of thing.
    So a few questions to those that have been an know.
    I will aim to get there for a tourist day, thinking early (I hear this is a safer time along will late afternoon/early eve).
    However do you need a full set of leathers? Being either two piece zip or one piece?
    I read you do but for track events, not tourist days, is this correct?
    Also anyone know some nice routes from U.K.?
    Finally any other advice welcome.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Stu675


    Location: Gu1
    You only need to wear a helmet, what you choose to wear over and above that is your choice.

    Best midweek rather than weekend.

    Just treat it as a road, (with the one exception of not expecting to be the fastest on the road as you normally would expect to be) and you'll be fine.
  3. Frequent Flyer

    Frequent Flyer

    Location: Cardiff
    It’s a great place to see petrol head exotica, great roads in the Eiffel/Ardennes and Black Forest (bit further away).

    Yeah - go early to miss the crowds, the crashes and the slippy spilt fluids - if you buy a ticket for multiple laps and decide to call it quits you might be able to sell the remaining laps, the tickets used to not be linked to your bike reg, not sure now. At the very least they remain active for the calendar year, not the day bought.

    Do check it’s actually open before you go and avoid weekends or German public holidays. http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/events-tickets/info/events-dates.html go to “tourist rides” and see the dates (not up for 2018 yet).

    The rules are available online http://www.nuerburgring.de/fileadmi...urgring-Safety-Regulations-Tourist-Drives.pdf and remember to ride on the right hand side unless overtaking. The Germans are also covered by their normal car insurance, but you are not with UK...

    I had a cracking time there when I went in 2011, great riding, scenery, bier, staying in castles etc. It can be a bit intimidating and unless you get a clear stretch you know well (Tourist Trophy on my PS2 was a useful teacher), treat it like a fast road - it takes a long time to learn the place and there are a LOT of people who will be faster than you, especially on a busy weekend.
  4. gary1966


    Location: Sunny Suffolk
    Been 3 times imo the roads around the ring are better. Not sure there is a quiet time? Germany has different bank holidays to us so check this out as it's rammed on a bank holiday. Just keep your right indicator on and keep to the right this will tell others it's good to overtake you. Buy a tshirt and say you've done it Enjoy
  5. SW73


    Location: Sunderland
    Been a few times. If you're looking for somewhere to stay hotel an Der nordschleife is cheap as chips and right next to the adenau entrance to the ring. I did about 3 laps and as an experience it was ok but wouldn't do it again. I'm not a track rider and the surface is pretty poor and changeable. The run off areas can be seen on YouTube and being passed two inches away by Charlie big potatoes in his lambo as you're about to tip it in makes for an interesting day. Really enjoyed visiting but without knowing the circuit it's hard to do much other than ride round comparatively slowly, enjoying the view. Just my opinion and better riders may enjoy it more. The roads around are great though and I can say I've done it and got the sticker!
  6. Ff6022


    Thread Starter

    Thanks lads, exactly the info I wanted. If anyone else has further advice, keep it coming.
    Sounds like I am going for the same reason as most, (to say i've done it).
    So is there more than one entrance?
    Thanks everyone, big help.
  7. MrGman


    Location: East Sussex
    I've been going for years now and absolutely love the place, although over the last few years i've gone less and less due to costs and risks.

    best route i've found is

    Nurburgring - Calais
    Leave Nurburg on the B258
    Blankenheim - past the village to T junction, turn left then next right after approx 1 mile (B258)
    Schleiden (B258)
    Monschau (B258)
    Eupen (B258 (N67 to Belgium)
    Through Eupen follow signs for N40 Verviers
    Turn onto the E40 in the direction of Verviers
    Leige E42 to Charleroi
    Lille E42

    These are only rough notes i've got written down but it's the best route i've found that not just miles on motorways.

    Pinochio's pizza in Adenau, the biggest pizza you've ever seen for about €7

    As mentioned above Hotel Nordschleife is a nice place to stay.

    There are two entrances but the second entrance in Adenau will only get you half a lap so always start from the main Nurburg entrance.

    On the ring itself there use to be hazard warning signs with bikes in, these are situated in places that often catch bikes out (and cars but cars deal with curbs and grass a bit better than us on two wheels) I've got a feeling these signs aren't there anymore though. Check out Adenauer forst, classic example, looks like the road goes straight on as you come up over a crest but then you're met by a tight left hander

    Time wise we always try and find a week where it's only open in the evenings and not the weekends as you tend to get only locals then, they are by far the fastest there but they are also a lot more alert than most tourists.
  8. Have fun, for me it’s a no, cars and bikes on the same track is just something I can’t get onboard with.
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  9. MrGman


    Location: East Sussex
    I've only ever done it in cars, you really need your wits about you and i just don't have the visibility on the bike that i'd want there. I'd love to do it on the bike though, and will do one day just so i can cross that one off the list.

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