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Oil Consumption & 7k Noise

Discussion in 'General' started by StuRowcliffe, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. StuRowcliffe


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    Location: Southampton, UK
    Hey, i know these bikes have a bit of a rep for oil burning, but just wanted to check im not alone, i just had to top up 500ml of oil after only 1000miles since i got it! Which surprised me a bit, anyone else experiencing this level of oil drinkage?

    Also i have had alook on T675.net about a vibratey noise at 7k, which general concesus puts down to the cam chain tensioner, does anyone else have this noise and if so did your dealer deal with it or were they clueless? I am kind of expecting a response from the dealer like its character or they all do that...
  2. i can honestly say i haven't had a problem with oil consumption SO FAR, i know all about the rep of the 675 but it didn't burn a drop during the running in period, i've done 2k since then, including 2 track days and i only had to put in 200ml....... my honda never used a drop EVER but i was expecting worse than that from the 675.

    as for the noise.... i haven't noticed it m8, but i will now keep an ear open for it.

    while we're talking about possible faults.....does anyone know if it's normal to be able to move the steering damper a bit with your hands....side to side like its got a bit of free play ???? only noticed it the other day while cleaning and it's got me worried. :eek: cos i'm not sure if this is the problem referred to in another post on here.
  3. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    I thought I'd replied to this but the post isn't here.

    1st bike used so much oil that it wasn't showing on the dipstick. It stopped after the 6k service and now doesn't use any oil. The lastest bike has never used any oil and they were both run in the same. Easy for the first 200 miles then ridden as normal.

  4. peter


    I have suffered the 7.5k noise. It rattles like crazy especially at 65mph in 3rd. Very long boring story about dealers and duff excuses but it WAS the cam chain tensioner. I took it to a Yamaha dealer and within seconds the guy diagnosed what I already knew. He ordered one, fitted it and it has been blissful motoring ever since.

    As for oil i have had no issues with that, annoyingly though the intake flapper valve has just started squeeking. As a fellow Triumph owner said to me 'if you want perfection buy Japanese'. I think its worth the odd imperfection for that incredible noise when you get throttle happy.


  5. 'if you want perfection buy japanese'? who the hell said that? lol

    there is a reason the daytona has won so many awards over the years on top of the jap bikes, and personally triumphs oooozzz quality over the jap bikes.. mine has been faultless since new as has every other bike (japanese included) i have had, think its just the luck of the draw sometimes :?

  6. Zmok


    Yeah - It's normal mine is like it too

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