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Oil leak !

Discussion in 'General' started by jimjam39, May 20, 2009.

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    Hi all, just thought I would let everyone know about a little problem I have had with my 09 bike. Was out last bank holiday weekend on the Sunday, and as i arrived at home I could smell oil :( . When I got off the bike and looked down there was a stripe of oil on my back tyre on the right hand side (brown trouser moment). I looked at the engine and could see oil down the front of it, which had obviously leaked into he bottom of the fairing and then worked its way back and splattered onto the rear tyre. I took the fairing off and had a quick look but could not see anything obvious, and then I thought what the f**k am I doing this for, its a warranty job. I called my local dealer the next morning who instructed me to phone the Rac and give them my rider protect number and details and they would transport the bike to the dealers. After looking at it the dealer thought it was either the head gasket or the rocker cover gasket. They soon discarded the head gasket theory and replaced the rocker cover gasket, but it was still leaking. They then found a small "o"ring seal on top of the head which was seeping. apparently it took 4 of them to find it, it was that small a leak. They have replaced it and I have had the bike now, so hopefully that will be the end of it . The bike has done just under 1000 miles, just thought I would give everyone the heads up, so you can keep your eyes peeled. The dealer did sound shocked when i called them and told them it had a oil leak, he said they had not had any problems with them before, and the service manager races them at the TT so he knows them pretty well !

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