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Oil usage

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by Edski675, May 4, 2009.

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    Oil changed at 3,000 miles, now at 4,950 and I had to put in half a litre. I was a bit shocked, it's never used oil before. Maybe it's because I'm getting more adventurous and like exploring the mid range in 2nd and 3rd - so engine speed is a lot higher and I get the blue lights coming on (not changed from factory settings). I checked it over and couldn't find any leak.

    Normal? or have I got a lemon?
  2. Stu


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    Hi Ed.

    It's not unusual for these bikes to use oil. I ran both mine in the same way and the 1st one used a lot of oil up until the 6k service. The current one doesn't use any. The oil was so low at one point that it didn't touch the dipstick. Neither now use any oil in noticeable quantities.

  3. Mine hasn't used any in the 1000 miles I've done on her but then I am only at 2.5k miles.
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    Mine hadn't used any at that mileage either, I'm putting it down to liking the blue lights :lol:
  5. Rowly


    The general consensus of opinion is triples use oil so I wouldn't worry to much
    unless it starts making unusual noises, you'll just have to accept that you now
    have shares in Mobil oil :lol: :lol:
  6. I have come to the conclusion from speaking to other owners that some D675s do use Oil and some don't however it is important to make sure that yours has the correct amount in the sump especially If you are one of those riders who does not have Chicken Strips on the tyres :lol: as the lean angle required to get rid of them is such that you could starve the engine of oil if the level is not correct :cry: .

  7. my 07 went through a sump full in a 1000 miles
  8. I used a litre on a trip to Europe last year, but is uses a lot less now. At 9K I am using very little. they do say keep an eye on it as Triples will use some. So no worries mate. ;)

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