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Original suspension settings

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by keith1012, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. keith1012


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    Location: dublin;ireland
    At last after many months searching forums about the infamous 675 I finally took the plunge & got a 06 . Here is my problem .The last owner was slightly heavier (ahem) than me & hence the suspension settings have been changed. I now have a 675 -bike of the year 2006- (depending on which review you read) which when you go over 80mph goes very light taking up a full lane of the motorway if not a lane & a half depending on wind & speed just to keep it in a straight line. After looking in the owners handbook I see original settings are measured in turns not clicks this seems to be a bit excessive to me & was wondering am I reading it properly .
    i.e front spring preload set at position 5
    rebound at position6
    If any one has a factory setup & could let me know how many clicks out from fully in-zero position- I should be at & how far down the rear spring locknuts are from top or how many threads are showing-it would be a help in getting me started in trying to sort this out....
  2. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Hello and welcome keith,
    I haven't really come across this in too much detail before but although it says adjuster turns in the owners handbook I would assume it's referring to clicks and would look at that possibility. I'm not really sure if the suspension would effect riding that much like you mention but I guess it's a case of ruling it out of the equation.
    Hopefully you'll work it out and resume a comfy ride at speed. Maybe another member here maybe able to offer advise in more detail??
    Best of luck!
  3. yep, it is definitely referring to clicks out from the fully screwed in position, when i get home i'll refresh my memory and put a post on, but that "lack of ride quality" seems too extreme to be caused by suspension settings alone.
  4. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Going light over 80 does sound a little soon I find this problem kicks in at 135 and I really have to tuck in at 145 plus. Never thought of doing anything with suspension :|

    I weigh in at 12 stone so should i be dialing my suspension in :?: :roll: :?:

    Must admit at 125 last night got cought going into a right hander and felt wind straightening me up, NOT a nice feeling, just as well it was the middle lane :evil:
  5. Keith, these are the factory settings and they are measured in clicks out from the fully screwed in position NOT TURNS. The only exception to this is the front pre-load which is measured by how many visible graduation lines are visible at the top of the fork.

    Front pre-load - 5 , adjust clockwise for more pre-load and vice-versa

    Front rebound damping - 6 , this is the small adjuster at the very top of each fork leg, sitting on top of the pre-load adjuster nut - turn clockwise to increase damping and vice-versa.

    Front compression damping - 7 , this is the adjuster at the bottom of each fork leg, turn clockwise to increase damping and vice-versa.

    Rear rebound damping - 6 , this is the adjuster beneath the spring on the left hand side of the bike, again turn clockwise to increase the damping etc...

    Rear compression damping - 11 , this is the adjuster above the spring - next to the suspension reservoir, and (you've guessed it) turn clockwise to increase the damping etc...

    Sorry if this is like teaching you to suck eggs m8, but i don't know how experienced you are, good luck.

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