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Possible Euro trip next year

Discussion in 'Meets' started by Edski675, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    We did think about this briefly, but it might be a good idea for everyone to say whether they'd be interested, if so where, when, how long etc. Just post up what you want, don't be influenced by anyone else, just want to get a range of opinions and thoughts at this stage - there's plenty of time to do any organising.

    I'll go first -

    Spain, north of heading for the Pyrenees preferably, spring, 4 - 5 days tops TBH, very happy to shove a tent and a kip bag on the bike.
  2. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    I will already be doing a Euro trip next year i will have to find out when that is happening first, agree with the location though the roads are fantastic :D :D
  3. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    Spain or the south of France will do me ! Would prefer to stay in B&B's, but not too fussed. It will all depend on dates for me however, as I work shifts and the barstewards I work with have already booked lots of time off ! Might be a good idea to get a range of dates up, and then have a vote (like you did for the 675 fest).
  4. I would be interested, would have to be in school holiday time though.

    How about getting to Jerez in Spain :)
  5. DaytonaJoel


    Location: Colchester
    Definitely in. North of Spain towards Comillas has some fantastic roads and plenty of life, but happy to fit in anywhere.
  6. I'm up for it. School holidays are good for me. Don't mind where.
  7. ive sort of had the nod from she who must be obeyed, depends on when its happening though
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I could be up for this but it also depends on the ‘when/where’ scenario.

    As it happens, I returned from France 2 days ago as I did a week’s walking in the Pyrenean area and was based in Foix.
    The photo below was taken from the top of Montségur castle, just look at those bends :)

    Another option would be to hire a house/chateau/castle in order to have somewhere to be based from and simply ride varying routes every day.

  9. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    Nothing decided yet. I do like the thought of Spain - but as I've never been to northern Spain I don't know what to expect. I did think about camping BUT seems a lot of hassle to take tent + kip bag all the way to Spain on a bike. I bet B&B would be reasonable. I'll have to start doing some research. Quick Google search shows loads of B&Bs in Santander.

    General view on timing needed. I have just been reminded that school hols are not easy here, so will give that a bit more thought.

    If we went to Spain, ferry to Santander or Bilbao, not riding through France? I reckon that based on 2 sharing a cabin (essential - 24 hour crossing) then the ferry woudl be about £160 - £170 return.

    Suggestion for a route. Please remember that I ain't been there and this is done on the basis of some net research only, and I've cribbed a few routes I've found that appear to be highly recommended.

    1. Ferry Plymouth - Santander. I think the ferry arrives in Spain at about 1pm, so allow for delays and getting off the ship - say 2pm, that will limit what we can do in the rest of the day, but:
    2. Santander to Burgos via San Vicente de la Barquera - 150 miles
    3. Burgos to Gijon - 210 miles
    4. Gijon to Leon - 180 miles
    5. Leon to Burgos - 180 miles
    6. Burgos to Santander - 120 miles

    All the sections are twisty and avoid autoroutes etc. I'll post up some Google maps as son as I can.

    Now, Easter is 2 - 5 April. My daughter has ridiculously long school hols - she doesn't go back until 26 April. I had thought of going soon afrer easter but now it appears that that won't be easy.


    a) nothing is settled
    b) completely open to suggestions on where to go, SPain and route is not fixed, just a starter for 10 as else we'll never decide anything
    c) dates aren't fixed

    Cost - I reckon ferry will be about £160 - £170 based on 2 sharing a cabin. B&B or camping???? Don't really want to ride long distances fully loaded and besides I don't really want the hassle of putting up and taking down a tent every day. Quick Google search for B&Bs suggests there are plenty for around €25 - 30. Add fuel - £20 - £25 day, and food - £15 day? Total is £400 - £500ish? I can't add up even with a calculator...

    ...so please post up, also to include thoughts on what I've posted - please! If folks are generally happy-ish then I'll do more research on route and accommodation and firm up a bit on cost.


  10. Good works Edski, much appreciated from my point of view.
    Im up for this. Prefer BnB to be honest.
    Dont want the hassle of carrying my tent and bag.

  11. +1
  12. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    is anyone interested in going by train & rideing across france to spain ? i for one dont fancy a ferry to spain ,past exsperience with ferry's are all bad
  13. That's what I would've expected, but don't know what others' views on racking up milage would be?

    Would be nice in the summer with long days.

    This lack of sun/daytime is starting to get to me again...
    Still, not as bad as up at the arctic circle!
  14. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    I like what you've come up with so far Ed :) Must admit I dont fancy having to travel through all of France :? School hols are a little iffy for me as well, but hey its a democracy so I guess whatever is best for the most will have to do .
  15. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    OK if we do Espana by ferry, then here are the Google maps for the bits I suggested. Will post them all in this post, so will update it as and when I do them. I've converted the URLs to tinyurls with a preview, so to see the map, click on the linky, then click on 'proceed to this site'. All the towns are big - well ish - and I'm sure that depending on the size of the group and when we go we won't have to book accommodation. Mrs is OK about school hols now as long as I cancel something else I had planned (a yachting course) and as the yacht piece is £££ and as this is something I've wanted to do for some time, it's a no brainer. So sorry but you get me as part of the package after all :D

    Stage 1 - Santander to Burgos


    Whether we do this as it appears depends on what time the ferry arrives. If nec we can cut out the bit around San Vicente.

    Stage 2 - Burgos to Gijon


    This looks fantastically twisty :cool:

    Stage 3 - Gijon to Leon


    Stage 4 - Leon to Burgos


    Stage 5 - Burgos to Santander

    This piece is a bit shorter cos we'll need to catch the ferry.


    Comments positively invited :D

    I'm fairly sure that Spain has some specific requirements for insurance and so on - a green card and a bail bond IIRC, I will check this out. I think that you just need to call your insurer and get it sorted, they should do it for free or at modest cost.

  16. bladebiker


    Location: Sheffield
    I would be very interested. Would favour Santander Ferry idea. I can be pretty flexible with dates. Definitely could not be ar*sed with camping!
  17. Sanander ferry for me too.
  18. i might be interested depending on dates...what about northern italy i go skiing/snowboarding there most years and am always in awe of the wonderful mountain roads and have often wanted to go back to them without the snow especially the road to cervinia the sr46, 26 km of pure twisty, mountain cutting tarmac....

    http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&sourc ... 27509&z=15

    i agree with the idea of staying in a central chalet, villa etc and going on various routes rather than lugging tent around after all the bikes are sports bikes not touring bikes
  19. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    Curtis - that does look a fantastic road. The problem is that it's a long ride through France to get there.

    Check out the road from Gijon to Leon - rack up the scale a bit, this looks a brilliant road :cool:

    Have checked ferry cost - based on 2 sharing a cabin, it's £175. Sometimes the boat goes from Portsmouth so if we do this we need to be careful on departure point.

    If you google 'B&Bs in [name of place] Spain then it throws up loads to choose from. D/K about everyone else but I don't much care where I kip as long as it's got somewhere safe to park the bike. I don't need luxury.
  20. Gijon to Leon looks sweet, im with you on the luxury side jus give me a bed and somewhere safe for the bikes

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