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Post Pics of your D675

Discussion in 'General' started by speedygreene, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. speedygreene


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  2. Blue Hare

    Hello, hello.
    I stumbled across this forum and really like the design. Can't wait to see what else comes up. Although my pictures are a bit out-dated, Here are a couple.

    2008 Triumph Daytona 675, Neon Blue

    Mods pictured: Euro Signals, 4LED Signals, Integrated Taillight, SS Tail Eliminator.
    Current Mods In Addition: Rear Seat Cowl, Removed Passenger Pegs, Heated Gear Control Mount, Cigarette Lighter Power Outlet, GPS Mount.
    Mods In The Mail: Ixil Triple Silencer, TuneBoy.

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  3. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Neon blue does seem to stand out very well, the tail light mod seems to work well. Be good to see pictures once you get the Ixil Triple Silencer added on; ive seen them on the street triple but not on a 675.

    Thanks for the comment on design of the site; it's been one of those ongoing projects - got a few more changes in mind for the site e.g. (name)@675.cc email (short and sweet) and a few minor design tweaks needed here and there - it's more of a time issue for me but got any comments please feel free to leave them.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Good luck w/ all of that! I'll check back regularly for any updates or new sections to ramble on! :) Best wishes!
  5. just picked up the 675 SE last week...post a few pics shortly!!!
  6. here are a few pics of my D675

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  7. gorgeous snub nose and clean undertail, daytonaman. Do you know by chance how much weight you took off with that change? --ITS
  8. iam not for sure but it was about 15-17 lbs. it changed the turn in and holding the mid corner ,and not to mention the extra hp ,and torque comeing out of corners . I got the tuneboy comeing to get to a dyno and get the tune just right.
  9. DANO


    ai92.photobucket.com_albums_l3_FDNYDANO18_IMG_1119.jpg Pic is cut off on this site........ sorry

  10. AcB46


    Location: Bradford
    ai277.photobucket.com_albums_kk45_AcB46_day4.jpg just got 675 loving it now using s4 for track
  11. Cooler king

    Cooler king

    Location: Scotland
    My girls on a night out !

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  12. Well this is mine. I've only done 400 miles since I picked her up last week. Just starting to go faster but already putting a massive smile on my face :D
    My other and only bike before this is a 1978 T140v... to say its a revelation would be a major understatement! the clutch feels the same though :lol:
    I just need to learn how to ride a bike with brakes now.
    happy riding all..

    jim :geek:

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  13. Welcome Mate! Slight contrast between old and new! Hope you enjoy it! Glad to see you got the best colour too! :)
  14. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Can't go wrong with the Black SE version. ;)

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