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Post up your weekend ride

Discussion in 'General' started by Edski675, May 23, 2009.

  1. Edski675


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    Lovely biking weather this weekend :D

    I met Ian (xcbrrider on here) at the Enigma restaurant on the A5 near Oswestry, we went the scenic route via Four Crosses (fuel stop needed) to Welshpool, A458 to Machynlleth (slow - bloody caravans - and a Ford Escort that was doing 25 - 30 :evil: ), stopped at a butty box just outside the town for a sausage and egg bap, then on to Dolgellau via A487 Corris, Barmouth, Harlech, Porthmadog. Huge jam to get into the town (more bloody caravans) so we filtered for England for nearly 3 miles :D :D Never been to Portmadog before, it was a bit disappointing as a place - nice harbour but the town's seen better times (ie it's a bit of a dump).

    Back via the A487 to Trawsfynydd and the simply spectacular A4212 around Llyn Celin - what a fantastic road this is, get out the road atlas and check out the right hand bend around the lake - to Bala. Sat outside the 'Ty Coffy' in Bala for tea and chocolate cake and watched the world go by - Bala is a bit of a bike mecca, there are fantastic bike roads all around, must've watched about 80 - 100 bikes going through, I guess - including a hideous pink Speed Trip. Anyone admit to the graphite 675 with the taking-the-piss plate? Then B4391/B4396 over the mountain tops and A5 back to Shrewsbury. 230 miles - it was a fantastic day :cool:

    And my chicken strips have shrunk by about half an inch, there's only half an inch left on the right, a bit more on the left, and I more or less managed to keep up with Ian, particularly on the way back, so I'm very happy :cool: I thought 'if he can do it, and he's on the same bike, then so can I' and let rip. Mind, I know he was riding slower than usual - so thanks Ian, I appreciated it :D

    And you??? C'mon post up and tell where you've been :D
  2. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    For me, pretty rubbish this weekend and not going to get the chance to get out again due to family, baby & DIY commitments.

    Foxes diner to Woodcote to the leather repair lady (and very good she is) up the A4074. On to Reading, through Reading and out to Hein Gericke. From their out through Pangbourne, Streatly Over the Cholsey downs out to A34. Up the A34 to Oxford, then into Kidlington. And from there home. One of the guys needs some new boots and wanted to shop around. Didn't tell me this until we went out though. If I'd have known I'd have gone out on my own spent most of ride sweating my ar5e off in town traffic :(

    Still there's always next weekend!

    Oh saw an '09 Black (common ;) ) 675 pulling out of Hein Gericke in Reading to. Anyone on here???

  3. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Hi Folk's

    I jumped on the re named "Beast 2" NOW known as "The Mile Muncher" :D :mrgreen: :ugeek:

    An took off down to London too see my Best Mate Ron to compare bikes and to get the 1000 run in out the way before heading to Cyprus today............................ Sadly not on the Bike........... but don't tempt me :cool:

    Did 200 miles straight off on a tank full as Petrol light came on, still has 50 miles in reserve :lol: and compleated the 254 mile door to door ride down in 4hours with a start fill up & fill up at end of M1

    Came back Saturday morning...............same run in reverse but stopped off at Keil for a Coffee, Pie and a Pi... call of nature. 4 hours 15 comming back. Not the most exiting run but all Great Practice for the 1000 miler comming up. :mrgreen:

    On the way back dropped onto a couple of twisties at the back of Rochdale and took her so loww I would have had my knee down on the 675, that after a 10 hour blast and she felt Fantastic :D :D

    Overtook a Merc coming off motorway M6 onto M62 if you know the bend 40 miles an hour two lanes into one curling back on itself and took him at 78 mile an hour round the outside.............. Beautifull, she just stook to the road like glue Top Box full af kit too so really looking forward to getting out with no ludgage on at all................:evil: :twisted: :mrgreen:

    Gave The Mile Muncher a good fettle, cleaned and polished her, Oh and took picture of milage :lol: :lol: :lol:


    1146 miles in week One :cool: :cool: :cool: ........................ Love It :cool: :lol: :D

    And this is my little Helper...................... Lilie Rose :cool:


    All I can say Stu, you really need to get yourself a a test ride :eek: Next time we meet up, we'll do a swap and you can have a pootle round on mine. Mind bring some ear plug's, "You Will Need Them" as she's a Loud Lady :twisted:
  4. I went to Wigan and then to Settle and then to Hawes and then to Devils Bridge and then home. 165 miles and with a pillion, so my wifes wrists are still sore today. Looking at getting the ventura bike pack system so she will have a grab rail to use. Will make the bike look a bit crap but at least she'll still have the use of her wrists!!
  5. Are you thinking about post bike ride entertainment OOWH? :shock:
  6. What can I say, I'll let you make your own mind up on that one!
  7. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    Yes I know it, I used to go to Halifax once a week when I worked for a well known bank :roll:

    270 degrees - fantastic corner. Would have loved to have seen you :D

    Is the little girl your daughter?
  8. Hi Ed,
    I was down Wales way this wkend as well. Sat rode down to Pembroke via Llangolen, Bala, Aberr??ristywith?? etc... :) fantastic roads and plenty of caravans to blast past :evil: . Had two days climbing on the cliffs and then back up yesterday with sunburn chaffing my shoulders :!: The A494? to Bala is amazing.

    500+ dry miles apart from the final 5! but at least that cleaned the flies off :)

    When its good, its really is GOOD. You just cant beat our little island in the sun :lol:

  9. Legoland with the kids M6 closed southbound going down, M40 shut northbaound coming home, so didnt get out, bike is prepped and ready for the weekend
  10. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    had a run down to George whites in swindon today , the clothing section is good
    but the two bike show rooms are Honda on the left , Suzuki on the right that’s it

    g/w used to be a bit more independent having a good cross section of bikes , think times have changed

    ( the Honda side was completely empty )
  11. Not seen my bike this weekend, been near Settle for a birthday weekend. Listening to all the bikes go past was torture, then driving back to manc land on those great roads in this weather :(
  12. just got back from a fantastic day at thruxton with admiral nelson..brilliant weather, brilliant racing, brilliant atmos and brilliant ride up and back, apart from mr plod (i'll keep my fingers crossed kev)...will post up some pics tomorrow when ive charged my camera... :D

    met up with day-tony aswell. good to meet ya mate, hope you got back home safe
  13. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    Went to Bala over the tops yesterday with Ian, and then on around Llyn Celin to Trawsfynydd. Made the mistake of turning left down the A470 towards Dolgellau and then back along the A458 - boring. Got better when we turned off the A458 up through Meifod and Guilsfield, the Guilsfield twisties always make Edski a happy boy, and I'm getting faster on them too :D :D Should have followed Ian's recommendation of turning right at T'fynydd towards Portmadog and then left through Harlech and Barmouth, and then back via the A494 to Bala. Oh well there's always next time :D The wife had threatened to break Ian's legs if I was late back again, so the trip back was a bit spirited :lol:
  14. I thought I was doing ok until two young wippersnappers came past me up Heartside like I was standing still! I'm trying to convince myself they were 'obviously' professional racers :cry: :) That and my front tyre is right on (past) the limit . Who am I kidding it me! I'm just shite :( :) anyway my lack of skill didn't stop Mr PC biker pulling all of us at the top of the hill for a stern chat about excess speed...not a racetrack...etc..etc.. All I could think about throughout the lecture was ' my god I'm shit and these two lads know it.

    I redeemed myself later on the A59 by terrorising caravans :twisted:

    hope everyone had a good one and made it back safe.
  15. Rowly


    The thing you have to ask yourself Chickenstrip is did those two young wippersnappers
    get home in one piece, you obviously did, never compare yourself to others, we all
    have different levels of skill in anything we do, you are probably a very competent
    and safe rider and that will keep you alive unlike the two loonies that past you ;)
  16. spike


    Location: oswestry
    shame i didnt catch you at some point edski, pretty much did the same route except went via lake vrynway first then on to bala.
  17. Rowly


    Blast out to the coast A166 to Fridaythorpe stopped off at the Seaways for brew
    then proceeded on B1251 to Sledmere then the B1253 & B1249 to Staxton then
    A64 to Scarborough, rode onto the front then round to the north side for yet another
    brew, Hundreds of bikes everywhere and of course plod saw one or two get pulled.
    Didn't see one D675 I felt very much alone representing the forum.
    I also made a schoolboy error before I set off, adjusted and lubed my chain, put
    far to much lube on I thought I'm going to regret this, when we stopped at the
    Seaways I check the rear Tyre "Shit" It was all over, manage to get most of it off
    with some visor wipes until I got to Halfords in Scarborough and duly got some
    Muck off wipes to clean most of it off Phew!!!! wont be doing that again :eek:
  18. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    anyone getout this w/e ?

    was pissing down all day , put a stop to house painting :D but also stoped me going out for planned ride :(
    was going to pop up to squires cafe for a deco but ill save it for better weather
  19. Edski675


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    Administrator Staff Member

    No. It was torrential here. Wouldn't have been fun. But Spike still set off to meet me, I cancelled him, made me feel a bit guilty.

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