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rear sets

Discussion in 'General' started by tractorboy, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. tractorboy


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    hi anybody seen or fitted the new arrow rear sets to there 675 saw a picture in the catalogue and they look brill :D but cost about 350 quid :eek: a bit pricey.the bloke in the bike shop said he had`nt sold any yet.any pic`s would be great`cheers
  2. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Hi there, I have been looking into a set but am finding unless you go with the race gear change mode(set on ebay) i.e. down is up ect then your stuffed. :?

    The Arrow ones look the DB's and if you go with the optional quick shift and remap its a lot of dosh to look good. :shock: Quick shift just means you can change up without backing off or using clutch so does really help. I have my bike set now that at top wack I can do this without the rear sets or repap :twisted:

    Mind since when as that stopped any of us spending cash on looking individual, my advice is GO FOR IT ;) :D :cool:

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