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recommendations for screens...

Discussion in 'General' started by mark mac, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. mark mac

    mark mac

    Thread Starter

    Location: Liverpool
    I need a higher screen! I have to duck quite alot to get out of the wind so I'm going to try a higher screen..
    I realise there are airflow ones and double bubble ones..
    can anyone post me a link to one they recommend buying?

    has anyone bought one of these?
    thats a decent price...just wondering what the quality will be like...

    or maybe one of these?

    FYI. I'm a lanky 6'4, slim built hence why i think a double bubble will be fine for me. as doesnt the airflow tend to suit broader people better?
  2. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    Hi Mark, I have a double bubble screen from skidmarx, i am 6ft 1 and big build 15.7 stone and it works spot on for me :D :D
  3. Hi mate, I've a Puig one. its ok but the problem with all the aftermarket ones is they are made by vac forming rather than injection moulding so they dont fit as well as the OEM ones.
    If I was to buy again I would get the expensive but probably better fitting, official triumph double bubble. Think they're on speciall offer at the moment at some dealers?
  4. I have the official Triumph Aero screen and it is spot on.

    I am 6ft, reasonably broad and it blocks the wind superbly.

    When I first fitted it I didn't quite know what to expect......the first time I went out on it I could still feel quite a lot of wind, so I wondered if it was doing it's job......however, when I got up to 128 (on a track obviously! ;-)) I found that the wind blast hadn't really increased at all!

    Add on top of this that it took my 10 minutes to fit....would be 5 if I did it again as I understand how it is held in now.

    Can't compare against the aftermarket ones as I have never experienced them.....but it looks good...fits perfectly and does the job I needed it to.
  5. mark mac

    mark mac

    Thread Starter

    Location: Liverpool
    does the 09 screen fit the 06-08 model? I see its on offer at the moment!
  6. I think it probably does as I have not seen any difference in the Triumph website.....may be worthwhile speaking to the dealer when you order it tho....just to check....
  7. Im afraid they are totally different.
  8. I think you are right Godzilla.....looks just like mine....and mine is on an 08 model

    The dealer will know Mark...just ask when you order....
  9. Well the 09 screen only has 4 bolts. Im sure the >09 model has more, 8 iirc, but stand to be corrected on the exact number.
  10. 8 sounds about right......

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