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Sayonara Dear Daytona - Hellow Dr. Hyde!

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by mhuh85, Oct 27, 2015.

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    After gathering some courage while my buddy shoving me the boot into a BMW dealership I discussed my bike swap with them as if it were the 70s and it was not my bike we were talking about. Anyway, I got offered a fair price for the tona and a not too shabby quote for the 2015 RR.

    They called me next week for the test ride as they didnt have a 'test unit'. Around April, I thoroughly had explored the 2015 R1 across German mountains which made only 1 thing clear, best bike ive ever ridden but not a daily driver. I also took out an Aprilia RSV4 just to get the taste of V4 goodness, 'no regrets'. It was a bloody jackhammer to the temple unlike the sharp razor to the gullet that the R1 was.

    Riding the S1000RR was something that was very balanced. Right off the bat it felt as comfy as a street bike compared to the tucked positions on R1 or the rigidity of the RSV4. Kind of like a gixxer but then again the original 2009 s1000rr was based off of a K5.
    Everything was easy. Nothing impressed me as much as the R1 or the RSV4 -- at first. But then it has too many user modes to go through to properly setup. The bottom line was that it is basically a 2-face, Dr. HYDE if you will. you can flip a switch and have a nice cuppa with Dr. Jackyl; have desert, enjoy the chat. Then flip a switch and you are suddenly in a cage match with Mr. Hyde but he is wearing pillows all around so you dont get hurt. You can still ask him to put them away, something i am unable to do so far.
    Electronics are almost on power with R1 except for that gyro. So, technically, i feel that there should be a separate lift control system/slide control (maybe 2017 model) in addition to the DTC on the beemer. On the R1, on mode B you can lift the front about 15-20 degrees and wheelie but on beemer you need to put the traction control down which on R1 is a different thing when you are in the lean. Other than this immaterial issue, i did not find any faults with the beemer so i went for it.

    Living with the 2015 S1000RR is very easy. It can be everything you want. This sometimes is a -ve remark towards its character but then again its German; no sense of humor eh (sorry, but i do know a few germans with one). It is not an exotica, but its not trying to be. You do get a sense of occasion but it is not as grand as riding a Panigale or the RSV4. The sense of occasion is kind of tied to a button called "Mode" on the handlebar, which when pressed to select slick mode can turn out to be grander than you thought. Then from here on 1 depress of the starter button and your in terror city. Launch control is fun to use, although i only have tried it once and so is the pit lane limiter. But, the features you most would find yourself using are the useful bits like the heated grips/cruise control and that autoblipper. There was a not so significant recall of the shift lever that connects to the rod and after that change, (in Baron von grumble's words) the feeling of putting your foot in poo has gone away.

    I have yet to try it on track and i think the other side of the coin of my opinion is bound to change, at least it seems it will, watching Marcel Irnie down the cork screw on youtube. I also have yet dare to change the settings on the user mode, it lets you change a few things on electronic suspension, power, response, DDC, DTC, ABS, a nuch of other fiddly bits.
    The suspension overall is good, very good from street riding perspective. Short version is if you are going to ride more than 50% of the time on the road get the electronic suspension if its gonna live it on the track, get the cheaper manual option and then upgrade to ohlins if you can.

    The sales and after sales services of BMW are exceptional. I had a small warranty issue the other day when the spring or some plastic fiddly bit inside the starter/kill switch somehow gave up and starting the bike meant putting 15 pounds of pressure. I called warranty, they sent a truck right away with a replacement F800R and i used that in the meantime then got my bike back in a couple days. They had asked me b/w Mini cooper/BMW 1 series/F800R. I took the bike because its free parking at the office for bikes and about 70 euros a day for a car ouch.. or park 20 mins walk away and still 15 quid a day.

    Let me know if you guys need to know more, i didnt really wrote this as a review but as a daily driver kind of perspective, so let me know if you want me to write or tell you specifics.

    I think maybe BURNDOWNTHEDISCOS has done a better job writing his living with 899 panigale. But, i think he put in more time writing it, and i wrote this in 5 mins breaks that i could somehow find at the end of each day before i leave from work.

    Attached are some pics of the daytona, its last day and the new bike for some eye candy!

    Heres some pics:

    My daytona
    My daytona 2
    Red 2015 S1000RR test riding with my buddy's 2014S1000R
    Bought a black 2015 S1000RR so last day with my daytona
    New S1000 with some friends (one of the forum members GB also just bought a new 2014 675R which is in this pic, after his 2012/2013 675 lime green)

    daytona with s1.jpg daytona with s.jpg test ride.jpg last day of datona.jpg with other bikes on dijk.jpg
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  2. mhuh85


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    Location: Amsterdam, Ijburg
    More eye candy:






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  3. Rossgo


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    Absolutely awesome. I think you've done a brilliant job at a review. Got all the information in we would want/ need and with pics what more could we ask for!
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  4. mhuh85


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    Location: Amsterdam, Ijburg

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