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Discussion in 'General' started by andysjt, May 8, 2009.

  1. andysjt


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    Location: staffordshire
    Just a quick reminder to fellow riders , I have noticed a few photos appearing recently that are a bit too revealing ,giving reg numbers , clues to location , car reg numbers ,even house numbers ,so please remember that its not just us lot who look at the pretty pictures , but also would-be thieves who collect info on you and then come & steel your bike , not to mention the upholders of the law who are also looking to put & name /location to a photo that they have take with their "special camera "
    Just a thought wouldn’t want someone’s new pride & joy to disappear over night
  2. Good point. I was told the other day that the majority of bikes that are stolen are for parts for racing. As we all ride a bike that is more and more comon on the circuit, we will just be seen as mobile parts bins to some.

    I think it's time that my dog goes to live in the garage.....
  3. Rowly


    I would Agree 100% with those wise words Andy and am sure members will
    take note. I think it would be fair to say and I include myself on this one that
    when you're looking through a camera lense you don't see the the bigger picture
    excuse the pun, because you are focusing on the subject and don't see what
    else you maybe recording in your shot such as reg numbers and other clues
    to your location, anyway hope Ive not done this in my gallery :?: :oops:
  4. I posted some pics on line the other day and somebody started asking me about the contents of my garage. I have deleted the number plate pics. Good call.

  5. andysjt


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    Location: staffordshire
    mate of mine Phil , had a robbery last year , they were all in bed asleep ,didn’t hear a thing emptied the house of all portable valuables loaded them into the car ,then took off in his car & his wife’s car having locked Phil & family in the house & taken all the keys , ironically about the only thing of value not taken was his spanking new ktm990 adventurer ?

    the next morning they woke up & found things missing from the house , then no cars ? then no keys to open the doors ?
    he is still trying to sort out the last part of the claim and the grief its caused him is unbelievable.

    i used to think it was obsessive &used to take the piss about people setting their alarm down stairs at night , but i don’t think that now ,neither dose he .
  6. As I said, a big dog with sharp teeth will always beat an alarm!

    Watch those door to door canvasers. Some of those are just casing your house. I recon I can tell which ones are casing the joint as some of them, the dog is nice to and some she growls at for seemingly no reason.
  7. dogs know these things mate, good judge of character is your average doggy, except mine...thick as fu*k
  8. All dogs are stupid, even the clever ones. My mates blind and his guide dog ran off for two days and when they got it back it was totally de-trained!

    In the last 2 months, mines ate a bag of sugar, 5 easter eggs (in one go)!
  9. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Cute! :p

    100% agree with this post, always try to keep all vehicle details safe - minimize any potential theft threat :D

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