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Shark Exhaust

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by Chris, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Chris


    Thread Starter

    Location: Beaconsfield
    Anyone got a Shark system fitted to their 675? I've been trying to find a UK distributor but not had any luck. :(

    I think they're made in Germany, can anyone confirm?


  2. i've been looking around for those too Chris, the only site that seems to have any real detail about them is in German, they have a great sound but i can't actually find any info on them re: quality etc... and as you say, no UK suppliers. They seem to get their hands on limited numbers in the States though.

  3. I've been doing the same as you, Iron Urchin,(quiet at work,though it would give me something to do,the alternative is to go & visit some customers,but it pissing down with rain here & the building trade have a tendancy to do a POETS day when it raining).My German's very rusty,I haven't done any learning of it for 35 years,but I do have a splattering.Found my way to the suppliers & as you say there are no UK importers, but there are loads in other European countries.Will go back on the site & see if I can suss out warranties ect.In the mean time if there's a German speaker out there,the web site is www.fechter.de
    I think the American connection could be through the armed forces,as they have loads of bases in Germany as do we. Perhaps a Brit doing a tour of duty in Germany may be able to help!
  4. After a bit of going round the houses a bit,I have discovered that Ermax (screens & body plastics) are the French importers (a lot easier for me to understand,as my French is a lot better than my German) for Shark exhaust & Demon Tweeks are Ermax imports for the UK. Although they do not list any Shark exhausts on their web site it might be worth a try to see if they would get one via Ermax. As regards quality,German engineering is generally very good (being an Audi owner,I have some experience of it). Also looking at their websit it is to TUV standard (their equivelant to BSi),so you have some assurance of the quality. Let me know how you get on. Incidently the price of the pair of cans & link pipe is 699E. Also it looks like you will need a replacement number plate holder @ 13.90E
  5. Chris


    Thread Starter

    Location: Beaconsfield
    Thanks guys, really helpful. :D

    I've since been onto both Demon Tweaks and Ermax UK. Demon Tweaks think they can get one, but seemed quite reluctant (and not that interested!). Ermax UK don't stock them and can't get them... :(

    Loads of places in the US do them but the import costs will be a killer I guess (and do they speak the same languauge anyway ;)

    Tony I agree coming from Germany it should be good but once I had an Audi TT, and what can I say (apart from the therapy I had to have for driving a hairdressers car!) ... it was cr*p. Bits fell off it, engine management system broke numerous times. It would be just my luck to get one direct from Germany and have lots of problems!

    ... anyone out there in the UK got one fitted to their bike! - please let me know what it's like! 700 squid is too much to wing it I think.
  6. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    They do look and sound good, I'll keep an eye out for any UK based companies that stock them.

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  7. It'll definately get mistaken for a Ducati now!
  8. mike675se


    Location: Plymouth
    Those cans do look nice! Can't find any uk dealers that cater for triumph though! I wonder how it would work with the number plate bracket?

    Also I saw on scorpion's website they wanted to borrow a street trip. in order to develop an exhaust system and in exchange they were gonna leave the full system on.
  9. I had the bracket made for mine

  10. The last post is nearly a year old and I wondered if anyone has now bought the Shark??

    I am considering it, getting it is no problem, but I wanted to know what the quality is like and how you get around the numberplate holder issue.
  11. Now that is a nice setup, I really like the idea of twin can's!

    Here is another youtube link.....check the sound out, sounds just as loud in the distance.


    Bonza, where will you be getting it from if you decide this is what you want?
  12. The supplier is http://www.fechter.de/ the site is in german but you can translate the site using babelfish(google it)
    There are a couple of other suppliers on German ebay that will also deliver to the UK
    I am working in Germany at the moment but the place is about 100 miles from where I am, will maybe go on my day off though.
    I am definately buying one, 699euro + delivery though.
    I want to know if I need to have the ECU remapped??
  13. Probably. Is there a map though? No idea
  14. Tell me then instead of being a smart arse
  15. Pr1ck
  16. Sorry buddy, misread your post
  17. MAD675


    Location: Cyprus
    I agree with Godzilla!!

    I think he was trying to say that it will probably need a remap but he doesn't know if there is a specific one for a Shark exhaust, maybe the TOR would do, or maybe you need a Power Commander or similar. He was giving advice, maybe you should be thanking him for taking the time to do so rather than try to be a smart arse yourself!!
  18. OK I hold my hands up, I misread the post and thought you were being sarcastic.
    I appologise and hope it is accepted. ;)

    Thanks for the advice
  19. I wasnt trying to be sarcastic, apology accepted and reciprocated.

  20. thats better guys :hug:

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