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Discussion in 'General' started by spike, Sep 5, 2009.

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    not sure what you guys think of the governments sharp rating but they have just released the latest helmets tested.
    i know its a bone of contention with some helmet manufacturers, but i for one checked the sharp rating for my current helmet prior to buying it(AGV stealth) and i bought it on the strength that it did well in the test :cool:

    for info
    SHARP releases its 150th helmet rating
    A further 25 helmet ratings are released today, taking the total number of SHARP ratings published to 150:

    [5*] AGV GP TECH
    [5*] Shark RSR2 Carbon
    [5*] Bell M4R Carbon
    [5*] Bell M5X Carbon

    [4*] AGV K4
    [4*] Airoh SV55 S
    [4*] Dainese Performance
    [4*] Harley Davidson FXRG
    [4*] Shark RSF3
    [4*] Nolan X802

    [3*] Arai Chaser
    [3*] Box FX 1
    [3*] HJC FS Max
    [3*] HJC IS Max
    [3*] Nitro N510v
    [3*] Scorpion EXO 450
    [3*] Airoh Force
    [3*] Vemar Jiano

    [2*] Dainese D181
    [2*] Nitro N1000v

    [1*] Arashi Daytona
    [1*] Dainese Airstream
    [1*] Harley Davidson Laguna II
    [1*] NZI Convert III
    [1*] RST Fusion

    Please see the ratings page for more information on each helmet.

    April ratings
    New SHARP ratings have been published today for the following helmets:

    [5*] Bell M5X
    [5*] Marushin Samura
    [5*] Nitro N1700 VF
    [5*] Shark RSX

    [4*] AGV K3
    [4*] Box BX5 Hurricane
    [4*] Duchinni D701
    [4*] Kawasaki Ninja
    [4*] KBC XP3
    [4*] Marushin Ikusa
    [4*] Marushin Shivan
    [4*] Nuvo SP2
    [4*] Shark S650
    [4*] X-Lite X1002

    [3*] Arashi Galaxy
    [3*] Arashi Sonic
    [3*] Arashi Turbo
    [3*] Givi HPS40.1
    [3*] HJC FS 10 Carbon
    [3*] Vemar VXP
    [3*] Nitro F347VN

    [2*] Box BX3 Dagger
    [2*] Vemar VTXE
    [2*] Marushin M401

    [1*] KBC Magnum
    [1*] KBC TK8
    [1*] RST PC1S
    [1*] Vemar VSSEV
  2. Now....I am not sure about SHARP ratings........

    I have been told (and this sounds reasonable) that the sharp test is a predefined test that tests specific points on a helmet for strength. Now any manufacturer can find out where these test areas are, and quite easily make those areas really hard to withstand the penetration test and get a good score. This is why we see some smaller (cheaper?) brands performing well on these tests.

    My last helmet was an AGV GP-Tech and my Current is an Arai Chaser. Both I feel are good helmets, but I feel safer in the Arai (even though it gets less stars above). The reason I feel safer is that I have seen how these helmets are made and had explanations as to the philosophy of how Arai make helmets. They stick to their philosphy and this (for some reason) makes them perform less well in the SHARP testing.

    My Arai has been hand made......Is a Marushin/Box/Bell helmet hand made? I am not sure, but I guess not.

    Now I guess that doesn't necessarily mean they are better, but the company I work for hand make their products and they are superior to any machine made products......you can't underestimate the attention to detail a human has!

    For me....the best test of all is this.....look at what the MOTO GP riders are wearing (most seem to crash with them on a fair bit) and if they are wearing them for that....they are good enough for me!
  3. Good points DaytonaSparky,

    I would not rely too much on the SHARP tests. Two quick points, the are only single impact tests, so not info if the helmet comes into contact with the road twice. Also is you look at the distribution of test points on the helmet apparently some do not impact in a fall. Also under the sharp tests an open face helmet can score just as high as a full face helmet. I know which I would prefer to be wearing in the event of an off.

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