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Sidelights into indicator conversion

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by davelad1959, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Location: Nottingham
    As promised I have now converted my sidelights into front indicators.
    2 X 12v 5w amber capless bulbs
    2 X piggy back connectors
    6 X male connectors
    4 X female connectors
    2 X 6 – 8 inches of 1.5mm cable

    1 pair of side cutters
    1 good set of terminal crimps
    1 X 5mm Allen key
    1 Phillips screwdriver

    Ensure ignition is turned OFF
    1. Remove infill panel
    2. Remove sidelight cover
    3. Pull out sidelight holder
    4. Strip back sidelight wiring insulation about 2 – 3 inches
    5. Cut open indicator loom insulation
    6. Cut the live sidelight wire (yellow on mine) & crimp female connector to bulb end
    7. Crimp male connector to loom end (in case you want to revert back to standard)
    8. Insulate male connector
    9. Cut the live (white on mine) indicator wire & crimp piggy back connector to loom end
    10. Crimp male connector to indicator end & connect to piggy back
    11. Crimp 1 X male & 1 X female connector to extension cable
    12. Connect extension cable to piggy back & sidelight connector
    13. Replace clear bulb with amber one
    14. Ensure all connectors are clear of any metal components
    15. Switch on ignition & test indicator
    16. Insulate all connectors
    17. Run wiring as close to original as possible
    18. Re-fit side/indicator holder
    19. Re-fit sidelight cover
    20. Re-fit infill panel

    The N/S is a bit “trickier” as you have to work around the relay panel.

    The whole job took me about an hour & I’m very pleased with the result, I now have very visible indicators from the front of the bike.
    I take no responsibility for any mistakes that you make; this worked a treat for me. :D It would only allow me to put 3 pictures in :twisted:

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