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smooth gear change ?

Discussion in 'General' started by andysjt, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. andysjt


    Thread Starter

    Location: staffordshire
    has anyone had a problem with being unable to change down any further than 3RD gear if you have made an unplanned stop ?
  2. mike675se


    Location: Plymouth
    Sorry mate can't say I have. My only bad comment on the gearbox is the narrow margin for neutral. My size 12's haven't got to grips with small delicate movements yet.
  3. I sometimes find that it doesn't want to go into a gear once stopped. To resolve, I let the clutch out a little and then pull it back in and it is fine. I don't see this as a problem, my car does it from time to time and so did my last bike.
  4. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    lol, I have that issue on my car as well, never noticed it on a bike though. I've always thought it's something to do with the clutch cable or similar but never classed it as an issue. Maybe someone can shed light on this!? :)
  5. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Only problem I have is nearly throwing myself over the bars hitting first at too higher gear :eek:

    Mind I love the buzzzzzzzzzz :?

    No problems on changing down thow, may be start with the leaver adjustment and take it out a bit, helped me when I was setting it up I have the lever on "gas mark 6 now not 3
  6. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    This isnt just a problem with the 675, you can get it with any bike. Ive only ever had this problem on bikes with wet clutches. If your poodling along in 5th or 6th and have to slam the anchors on, when you come to change down, the gearbox may get stuck. Theres two solutions to this: 1) Try as best you can to change the gears down as you stop (as its kinder on your gearbox and clutch dontcha know) or 2) (As previously mentioned) let the clutch out a little to the point it starts to bite and it should drop into a gear, and then bring the cltch back in and you should be able to then change down.

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