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Speeding Ticket

Discussion in 'General' started by OnlyOneWayHome, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. OnlyOneWayHome


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    Location: Lancashire

    I got a letter in the post last week to tell me that Greater Manchester Police were doing me for speeding.

    I have requested evidence but was wondering if anyone knew any good loopholes for getting out of it?
  2. If you have a friend overseas (preferably outside europe) tell them they were riding your bike and give them their details.

    I knew someone who used to do it with his car and he returned the favour to his mate in Germany. The police never got either of them. I think they once got heavy and said he had to prove his mate was in the country, but he just ignored the letter. I guess they can't really spare the time to go for you unless you've done something really bad, and generally rely on people holding their hands up.

    how fast do they 'allegedly' say 'the rider' ;) was travelling ?
  3. If your licence cant take the points talk to Andrew Campbell at WithyKing solicitors he has done a lot of good work with cameras.

    Not sure the overseas thing works anymore, with digital passports its not hard to verify if someone was in the country.
  4. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    You can use me Dude, - I don't think my passports digital & I've just changed to US Citizenship so I don't need my UK one anyway.

    I got a photo-ticket 2 years ago in my truck....fine = $400.00 - threw it away, 2 months later another letter...fine = $600 - trash! another 2 months & it was $800 - TRASH!!! It's been 18 months & I haven't heard anymore about it. After all, if they didn't send it to you 'registered mail' or sommit, how can they prove that you received it??

    BTW it was a cop friend who told me about the 'throw it away' method - he reckons they can't do anything. Of course, that may not apply over there.....PM me if you need my details for the passport scam
  5. Graham H675

    Graham H675

    Location: surrey
    ask to see the calibration certificate. if you where done on a hand held gun needs to be calibrated on the day of use if it's a gatso the should be within a week of ur ticket also the old put a extra penny on the chq don't work just giveing them extra cash......

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