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Speedo healer

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by instant gymnast, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. instant gymnast

    instant gymnast

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    Has anyone had any experience with a digital speedo correction device of any sort? I'm running one tooth down on the front cog and don't want to wind the miles on too quickly and to make sure I am being a good boy speed-wise....
    What say you 675'ers!
  2. isnt the speedo driven from the front wheel :?: or am i being thick :oops:
  3. I think the speedo is driven from gearbox somehow as when I run the bike on the paddock stand to dry off the chain after cleaning it the old way with parafin the speedo turns.
    Did 50mph the other day not movin :eek:
  4. instant gymnast

    instant gymnast

    Thread Starter

    I'm still no closer people! Will have to go huntin for an answer on the mighty google! PS one down on the front sprocket is brill will lift the front in second and of little bumps in third. The limiter kicks in at around an indicated 156 at 14k rpm.....professional rider on a closed road blah blah etc.... Its what the T3 boys use at cadwell...and it works...!
  5. I have thought about doing this, but decided against it until I could correct the speedo so it reads correclty, so would be grateful if anyone knows how to do this.
  6. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    I remember reading something in MCN years ago about how to calculate this......but I've forgotten now :( I will ask some of the lads I work with tomorrow and see if any of them can remember :) Some of them are engineers (so they say), so they may know the calculations. I have read somewhwere about something that will fix it, and the name tuneboy seems to ring a bell (but dont quote me on that). You could do a search on triumph675.net, its a bit americanized tho, so dont be surprised if you get "flamed" :lol:
  7. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Goin' 1 tooth down at the front should equate to the speedo reading about 6-7% faster than your actual speed...it will actually reduce your chance of getting a speeding ticket. Bear in mind also that motorcycle speedos are notoriously inaccurate, ALWAYS reading faster than the speed being travelled.

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