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Squeak Noise

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by J.T, Sep 22, 2009.

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    seems I'm not the only one with this problem but I can hopefully after tomorrow shed some light on the cause.

    Basically on start up my bike makes a high pitched chirping/squeaking sound as the start up sequeance begins and again as it finishes. It also happens if I blip the throttle as the revs return to idle.

    After researching the net it seems that this squeak is causes by a lack of grease in the exup vlave which is prone to seizing. I called up Jack Lilley again today to say I want it looking at whilst I still have a few weeks left of my 3 month warrenty. (Bear in mind this is the 4th time its been into their workshop in the space of under two months).

    I'm going to have them look and listen to the valve and the noise and see what they suggest as a possible remedy. I'll be sure to keep you updated which might be useful to the others with the same irritating noise.

  2. probably is the exup ask them to replace the exhaust headers and exup cables, they should be well aware of the problem if you dont get any joy from them try Triumph.
    It could also be the air intake in the nose cone another common problem wd40 easliy cures it
  3. mine has just been in to have the exup freed! was making the engine management light come on, wouldn't mind it only went in for tyres.

    Anyways all they do providing its not the cables id blag it with spray lube. and re-aligned it apparently its a very common fault.
  4. henrymc


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    Yep the Exup fault is a common one, its only on there to get the 675 through the erou3 emissions test so is the flapper valve in the air intake,
    on my bike i have a race can on so no cat no exup and the flapper valve is open all the time.
  5. i had so many problems with ex up valves and downpipes it was unbelievable when i got the bike but touch wood been a year since i had any problems, also same time i got te race can put on :D
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