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Squeaky front brakes!

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by DaytonaSparky, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. DaytonaSparky


    Thread Starter

    Location: reading, uk
    There seems to be a lot of squeaking going on on these 675's!

    I was riding along this morning, and under hard braking the front brake started to squesk a little.

    Can anyone suggest if this is normal and if the brakes are just a bit new (have just gone over 400 miles...service next week!) or if there is something not quite right.

    I am hoping they just need a little more time to bed in.

  2. I must admit, i get a fair bit of squeeking from my front brake too, i wondered if it was from washing the bike, maybe something in the shampoo has got into the pads... the disks are clean cos i give them a good rub with brake cleaner to get any crap off.
  3. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    You could always oil the pads. No No No No. Never put oil or grease near the discs or pads. I managed to get WD40 on all discs which made it fun when I wanted to stop :D Fortunately WD40 clears quickly from the pads and discs.

    I must admit that my brakes don't squeak but I have had it with new pads which goes when they bed in.
  4. DaytonaSparky


    Thread Starter

    Location: reading, uk
    I did clean the bioke last night with MUC-OFF, which seemed to leave a water repellant film over the bike....i wondered if it could be that?

    I will keep an ear out and hopefully it will disappear with a bit of use....otherwise the dealer will know about it when it goes for it's service next week!
  5. I use muck-off and I have squeeky brakes.

    I've found that the best way to stop them squeeking is to just not use them, admitedly, the sound of me screaming into every bend is far more off putting!!!!!
  6. not sure about squeeking but whatever you do don't get motorex 645 protect & shine on your pads! mine didn't work for 50 miles!!
    still, it slowed me down for a while which can't be a bad thing. ;)
  7. The Fridge

    The Fridge

    Location: Leeds
    hi all. 2 of u use muck-off and hav squeaky brakes, may b thats the prob. dont no wot every1 else uses but i use the Hein Gericke gel cleaner and ive not had a prob. its £16 for 5 lts and lasts me about 30 cleans.
  8. AcB46


    Location: Bradford
    Give the back of the pads a coat of cooper grease when installing them that stoped the squeaking on mine.
  9. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    I wouldnt worry about squeaky brakes, just means they are working as far as i'm concerned. Give them a good blast with brake cleaner and a rag and get a few miles done and i'm sure the squeak will disappear
  10. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Well as ever my two pennies worth on squeek brakes. Mine started to squeek just before 6000 service att 5000 miles, needed new pads, then after the warped front disc incident I had squeeky pads in Austria on the mountain passes but it was just after 3 days of rain so I put it down to a build up of brake dust. Wore off in a couple of hours. My mate Ron had some break cleaning spray wich he used at Lake Gada and did his breaks the world of good, mind they did leave a big black mess on the deck in hotel car park :eek:

    So try giving the discs a clean and if all else fails just watch the wera on the pads - 5000 miles out of a set of front pads is not great :(

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