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Squeeky airbox

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by mikey675, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. mikey675


    Thread Starter

    When I shut the bike down there is often a loud squeek from the airbox I guess this is the intake flap closing i was just wondering if this is normal if not if there is anyway to maybe lube the flap to stop the squeek. Any ideas?
  2. Rowly


    I'm almost sure that they all have that characteristic noise going on, I think mine
    does it but doesn't bother me that much its all part of owning a Triumph :D
  3. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Mine's a squeaker too.
  4. mikey675


    Thread Starter

    Glad to hear mines not the only one :)
  5. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    I like to think its talking to me.....thanking me for taking it out :lol: I know, I know, I'm mad ;)
  6. yep, it's quite a common thing, normally as the revs pass through the 4300 point, accelerating or slowing down. If it's annoying you and the bike is still under warranty get your dealer to sort it, if not just do it yourself or get them to do it next time it's in for a service.... it's only a bit of lubrication on the flap hinge thingamebob.
  7. The Fridge

    The Fridge

    Location: Leeds
    hi mikey675, do u mean wen u shut the bike down that u've turned the ignition off and then u hear the noise?
    cos if so then there's a noise on mine 2 as if it's going thru its own shut down phase.
    if thats not the case, is the noise i'm hearing common with every1 else?
  8. AcB46


    Location: Bradford
    you can get a squeaky flapper valve and exup valve not big problems but a little annoying
    a tor tune will keep the flapper open all the time and stripping the exup down and lubing it up helps

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