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Today I have mainly... a painful lesson

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Edski675, Jun 14, 2009.

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    ...been stripping the cack varnish off a south west facing window frame. It was original with the house 15 years ago and I've been meaning to strip it and repaint ever since we moved here 8 years ago. As it faces south west it gets the sun and the rain. So I set about it with a hot air gun. I was only out there for 30 mins before I realised my head neck back and shoulders were pricking so dived inside - but too late. I got moderately bad sunburn and I look like a lobster :lol:

    Anne is administering the after sun and saying it serves me right, I should have put some suncream on. I hate the stuff cos it's so greasy but better that than a burn I spose :oops:

    And I didn't finish it, now I need to get out with the sandpaper as well. Damn X 2.
  2. I remember in Ibiza several years ago I fell asleep on the beach after dring copious amounts of booze. I woke up a couple of hours later like a lobster. I couldn't feel it at the time due to drink, however the next morning when I'd sobered up I was in that must pain I punched a chair and broke my hand. Not the smartest thing I ever did however a lot more alcohol numbed the pain until the sunburn and broken hand mended.
  3. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    Ouch - but hey the sun is out.

    I've pulled a muscle in my back so I haven't been out on the bike this weekend. I have to go to Teesside tomorrow and as I'm not stopping at the office I was going to wear my leathers. The forecast is 70% chance of rain. Poo. :whaa:
  4. I got me head burned walking around Plymouth Hoe. There were 6000 bikes turned up for the Plymouth Megaride.
  5. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    No matter how much sun cream I can put on, I will always burn somewhere I thought I had already covered
  6. I fell asleep, taking a break from the camel in the desert, with no shoes on. Bad sunburn on the soles of your feet is not funny, much more painful that shattering my leg.
    I was also shocked to find out how much sun cream is considered to be one application. Large bottle is 3 to 4 apps. don't know anyone who uses that much.

    Hmmmm slippery ........
  7. Oh and Ed, thank you for making me feel better about my window that needs the same treatment.
    I only moved in 3 years ago. :lol:
  8. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    hi panoptikon ,

    is your bike a custom colour ? or is it the light ?

  9. Hi Andy,

    its not the light. Its a triumph colour (goodwood green), 3 or 4 left the factory that way.
    The pictures don't really do it justice.
  10. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    looks good mate ,
    didnt know about that limited colour , you must be a man with conections
  11. Nope, I'm afraid not. I found mine in south London's shittyest dealer whilst looking for a black SE, saw it and the search was over. I did get a spare set of plastics for it of a guy who works in the design department at Hinckley, he told me they did 3 bikes as an experiment, thought it looked great but the higher ups thought that 'British racing green' was an old man's colour. :lol:
    Well I am an old man and I'm very happy :D
    I did have an uncle that worked at the Meriden factory though.

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