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TOR can decibels

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by day-tony675, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. day-tony675


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    Location: Truro,Cornwall.
    Does anybody know how many db's a TOR can pushes out :?: I am going on a track day at Mallory Park on Friday & I'm not sure what 105db's sounds like :oops: Any one who's been to Mallory on a TOR can had a problem :eek: :?:
  2. Does anyone know the road legal limit for noise levels?

    That may give you an indication.
  3. markirel


    Location: Derby -ish
    80 dB(A) I think but this isn't relevant for the TOR can as it's not road legal
  4. 84 db tick`s my memory...
  5. I know its not road legal, but 105bd is approx 20dB more than 84, so by my reckoning that is 100 times as loud as a standard exhaust.
  6. davelad1959


    Location: Nottingham
    Hi All , had mine tested for a "quiet day" (limit 98db) at Donnington & it was over by 5db!
    This is off the government website. with a note at the bottom saying that exhaust laws are complex & should be studied closely????? I would if I could find more info!! :geek: :?:

    (d) Exhausts - on motorcycles first used on or after 1 January 1985 the silencer which forms part of the exhaust system must be either:

    (i) that with which the machine was first fitted; or

    (ii) clearly and indelibly marked with :-

    -the relevant BS marking BS AU 193/T2, BS AU 193a, 1990/T2, BS AU 193a, 1990/T3; or

    -the relevant "e" marking to show compliance with EC Directive 89/235; or the relevant "e" marking to show compliance with Chapter 9 of EC Directive 97/24; or

    -the name or trade mark of the manufacturer or marked with that manufacturer's part number - relating to it.

    The European Community noise limits applicable to new motorcycles first used from 1 April 1991 are:

    Motorcycle Category by cm3
    Limits in dB(A)

    Up to and including 80

    Between 80 and 175 (incl.)

    Above 175

    Motorcycles approved to EU Directive 97/24/EC, Chapter 9 will be 2dB(A) less than the above figures
  7. day-tony675


    Thread Starter

    Location: Truro,Cornwall.
    Thanks,guys. As I run out of time I put the standard one on, then there was no noise testing! Trouble is when you live at the end of the world, it is a long way to go to get sent home! I will post the pictures on the gallery later.
  8. I did a PB trackday at cadwell a couple of months back and my TOR can was teetering right on the limit at 105db at 6 and a bit thousand rpm, then did one at an air field and there wasn't anyone checking the rev counter so my 6k was nearer 4 1/2k!....Ahem! 99db... Winner!

    Shhhh....You ain't seen me.......right!

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