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Trackday Shots!!

Discussion in 'General' started by D41, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. D41


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    Location: Orange, CA
    Went back to "Big Willow" on the 28th November, Trackdaz always does a fundraising trackday for the needy during the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

    Anyway, it was bloody cold out there, constantly threatening to rain (it did, just a little bit), etc. - LOTS of guys were going down! The officials kept yellin' at us in the pits "THREE LAPS to warm your tires!!! Take it easy, etc." but still crash after crash happened. :x Well, -It didn't make for the best track environment & I was fairly uncomfortable out there except for a few decent sessions around midday.

    Here's a few pics, though;





    ...This was only 3 weeks ago - can't believe I'm GONNA have to wait 'til March to get back on the track!! - OOOOOOH- Can't wait!! :D :D :D :D
  2. AWESOME photos Daz ;)
    I really really WANNA do a trackday in 2010, if only to get some cool action shots for my desk :cool:
    Oh the vanity of it all!!! :rotfl:
  3. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Great pics, especially like the second picture. Not done a trackday, it's on the mile long to-do list. :D
  4. If you havn't done one, seriously, you really need to. It's actually not as dangerous as people who make out, your only likely to go down if you get to carried away - if you can ride on the road sensibly, you will be ok! If you see another bike on the road, and always try and keep up, even if you end up nearly crashing - leave that attitude behind!

    Anyway, here's mine



    And not a normal track per se...but Santa Pod drag strip (alot of fun for £25!)

  5. OMG I cant wait till April 15th now, rider skills day at Mallory Park. Then if it goes well may do a CSS day, but definitely more track days.
  6. AngelGrinder nice shots but hey i`m starting to get an itch for another go at this drag racing , i think with a few mods a 675 should drop into the tens quite comfortably , would hope to knock a full second off my time of 11.75 126mph , Jurby IOM the pods got a grippy surface to die for..

    Could we organise a 675 drag racing day....
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Tracks days are a must if you own a 675, they really are.
    First lovely photo is from a CSS course and the interesting one is me just about to ride over a fellow rider. (He was fine as I rode over his left leg)


  8. Nice on the last pic, lol, glad to hear he (and you were ok!)

    Just slightly offtopic - How many tracks are there in Sweden, and are they any good? I know Gotland is along way up! I only ask, as I've been before (only Stockholm mind) but loved the place, and I have a good friend over there, therefore is one of the few countrys I would actually consider emigrating too!
  9. Anonymous

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  10. paws


    Location: Northants

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