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Discussion in 'General' started by spike, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. spike


    Thread Starter

    Location: oswestry
    just as a thought,
    how about a track day organised as an event through 675.cc??
    it seems to me that organizing a meet/weekend for the 675 forum is quite a difficult thing due to comitments etc.
    im wondering if, through the site we could organize a trackday with a company either at a central location or a number of events regionally.
    what do you think guys/ craig ?
  2. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    good idea spike ,
    As you say it would take a bit of organization to get everyone together on the same day but it would be well worth the effort i think , one point to note though is the fact that some members would be quite experienced on the track having done years of track days & always ridden sports bikes , where as others ( myself included ) have never even seen a track & would have no experience at all
    maybe we could have standard groups , i.e. novices , improvers / intermediate & experienced / advanced

    just my 10p's worth
  3. Im in your group then Andy
  4. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
  5. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    someone’s got to go into the other categories we can’t all be novices :D :D

    was at the wsb today god was it hot , but the bikes were good , it makes you appreciate the talent of these guy when you see it close up
  6. I've been harping on for weeks about Thruxton 1st August. Cost £109. Get your cards out ladies.
  7. Thruxton is to far away unless you are a southern softie ;)
  8. In france dude!!
  9. Sorry - I am so tired. I meant Mallory Park. :oops:
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Club/forum based trackdays are akin to herding cats – good luck :lol:

    If I was in UK longer, I would be up for it as I’ve managed a few tracks days in Sweden and they are very addictive...
  11. graycat


    Location: Londinium
    they're tough to organise but great fun. Simplest way is to pick somewhere central, post the date and let everyone join in who wants to.

    As to Mallory on the 1st ...... I'll be there! :twisted:
  12. Not sure I could get approval from the war office for a full day at the track as I fly back in from Dubai on the 31st.... That said Mallory if 5 minutes from home (on a red bike, would need longer without) so will swing by to see who's around.
  13. Great - be nice to see you Fez. I think there are about 3 of us so far, and Scarlett will be there on her D650.
  14. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Sounds like a great idea; just a case of arranging a time that suits all interested and obviously location. obviously we can advertise it heavily through the forum to get numbers rolling. Let me know of any initial ideas and I'll try my best to follow it up for cost wise, and also a bit of subtle site advertising to get numbers interested.
  15. Personally, I have found that its bloody impossible trying to organise anything through a bike website. I know how p#ssed off I got when I wasorganising and ordering T shirts!

    Every says they will will commit, until you ask them for money. My intention is to get Mallory out of the way, and then get another in in September (probably Cadwell), and if anybody else turns up then great. Otherwise, I'll just enjoy myself.
  16. graycat


    Location: Londinium
    cadwell?! CADWELL???? NOW you're talking my language, Kev! :)

    Not sure if it's of interest to anyone in the London area but there's an evening session at Brands on the 5th for £80.
  17. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    The evening sessions look like good fun, you dont really want a full day on the indy circuit, it gets boring after a while so I have been told. Its still on my to-do list as im only 20 minutes from brands. My only problem is that my bike is hovering right up close to the noise limit for the track and I wouldnt want to waste my money, and I dont wanna get another new exhaust, shame I got so chop-happy with the hacksaw!
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Can you post some links/info please as Im quite near Brands?

    Are you doing it?
  19. Ok - I get back off holiday 12 Sept. How about Cadwell Tue 22nd september £75?


    Don't even know where it is but we could share a room Tim.

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