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tyre/wheel issues

Discussion in 'General' started by richie675, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. richie675


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    recently renewed the dragon supercorsa pro at the front (both a bit worn but front was from new 5500 miles, rear put on about 3000 in). it was perfect, i do love these tyres - i'm sure not every one gets on with 'em but i've yet to try the 675 with any others :)

    anyway, managed to pull off one of the weights when washing the wheel and had to ride to silverstone from london(friday practice with jenson!) before i could make it to a garage. it was obviously awful and got it booked in right away and had the front wheel off and balanced.

    all fine - except it's not. i'm at a bit of a loss but it still feels odd at the front. could it be that the rear needs replacing or is it worth getting the front checked again?? any thoughts welcome!
  2. Anonymous

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    If in doubt, get them balanced again as the few quid it cost is priceless with regards of giving ‘peace of mind’.

    Even hover over the tyre fitter (in a nice way) and see that those numbers balance out. (sorry for the pun)
  3. SteveH


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    New tyre could possibly be an issue with that. Error in the mould etc etc. Like others have said get a 2nd opinion on wheels both being balanced so your sure this is right. If you still have an issue it may be worth contacting the tyre manufacturer. They are nearly always interested in faults as they use them to sort out issues in the forming process. I know a guy who's tyre blew out after about 1k and they got the tyre back, tested it and found an issue so supplied him with new hoops for his trouble. I'm not saying this is a garaunteed solution but it's worth a shot if your having issues still.


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