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Tyres again

Discussion in 'General' started by snuffy675, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. snuffy675


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    Location: Leicestershire
    Hi New member here,

    Just had a service on my 675 and was told the rear tyre has about 100miles left.
    I have used michelin pilot power 2ct on my zx6, they were very good.
    Theres so much to choose from....
    Comments would be appreciated.
    Like other members I have seen various makes on offer on fleabay, so opinions both positve and negative would be welcome.

  2. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    Now then Snuffy

    Welcome to the site. As always, tyres are a personal choice and this choice is influenced by how you ride. If you ride like Jap then get some slicks but if you ride like me then I like the Michelin Road Pilot 2's. Dual compound for longevity but sticky on the sides so you can still have some fun. I know you don't know how we ride but I find I can't warm up the sportier tyres evenly so I go for something in the sports touring range. 12K miles out of a rear and 13k out of a front makes trips to the tyre shop few and far between.

  3. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Hi Snuffy,

    As Stu Points out it's all down to your riding style, I have just totaled a set or Pirrelli's in 4750 miles and by the time they go in for the service I'll be on a slick back tyre.

    I have had a good look round and to be honest taken a loook at the Bridgstones on a GSXR600 and they look prity damn good to me, If I can get 8000 out the back I will be well chuffed.

    Best advice I can give you is get round a few bike shops and have a good look at what the rubber looks like........ then make your choice. I will feed back on the new rubber when I get back. knowing my look I'll need another back tyre by then :eek: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted:

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