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We're looking for Teams and Individual Racers...

Discussion in 'Team 675.cc (example)' started by Craig, Apr 8, 2012.

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    We would like to be able to positively-expose teams and individual racers by providing a unique individual section whereby up-to-date information can be published to the forum. This would allow the the visitors and members of 675.cc to follow teams and individuals on their race season(s).

    This section would be free to manage, with zero costs. We would permit topics being created in the individual sections to encourage donations to the team. Our only clause is to try and keep the section updated as much as possible as we want to follow the progress of every team listed on 675.cc

    If you would like your own custom section to help promote your team or you as an individual racer please contact "Craig" and we can then get your section under-development tailoring to your needs.

    We would need the following information:

    1. Team Name / Or Individual Name (For the forum listings).
    2. If you require custom headers for the forum, if so a logo and images you think would be appropriate.
    3. What race series you're planning or currently participating in?
    4. What type of bike you're riding - ideally a Daytona 675 or Street Triple.

    We reserve the right to remove any content or section from the forum, likewise if you want something removed from your section or to pull your section completely we would comply with your requests.
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