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what a day

Discussion in 'General' started by Graham H675, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Graham H675

    Graham H675

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    Location: surrey
    get up at eight thirty to get out on bike by nine thirty all on secdule go to ryker get a burger and a shake busy already meet up with a few others then off to newlands corner (dam caravans ruied the ride) then as a last miniute diesision with the lads off down to bogner for a drink and then a quick ride back. with all the A and Broad riding i've managed to strink my chicken strips but still got a little to go. got back at just gone 3pm lol wife not happy lol but i am lol covered just under 150miles
  2. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    You selfish git :lol:

    Your wife sounds like mine, I get it in the neck if I'm 10 mins late :roll: I've resorted to texting, so there's no argument :lol:

    I couldn't go out for long today on account of the Spanish kids stopping with us, but I coulda stopped out longer as they didn't get up until 2pm!!!!!! They went to London yesterday - who'd go all that way to bloody London just for a day - and when I fetched them from the train station at 9pm last evening it was all they could do to drag one foot in front of the other.

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