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What Accessories you got?

Discussion in 'General' started by thetroublemaker, May 19, 2009.

  1. thetroublemaker


    Thread Starter

    Just wondering what people have been tempted with from the Triumph Accessories brochure!

    I have specced on my 2009 Tornado Red bike the following......

    Painted Seat Cowl
    Clear LED Rear Light
    Race Accessory Silencer
    Carbon Silencer Cover
    Carbon Tank Pad
    Carbon Front Mudguard
    Frame Finishers For Rear Footrest Mountings
    Paddock Stand Bobbins Rear

    MMMM carbonny. I think the next "pressie" will be the carbon heat shield - but its quite a bit of money at the moment!
  2. I have a carbon tank pad and a www.675.cc sticker!!

    To say that my bike is "stock" is an undersatement....however, there are 2 main reasons for this...first although I think the carbon stuff looks good, I am not that worried as I think the bike looks bloody amazing anyway....and then the second is a lack of the folding stuff......

    Hey ho.....one day maybe! (I am looking at something to protect the sisdes of the tank though.....)
  3. R&G Crash Mushrooms
    R&G Paddock Stand bobins
    Motografix tank pad
    https://www.675.cc sticker

    To be honest, nothing whatsoever that comes anywhere near being exciting!
  4. thetroublemaker


    Thread Starter

    i have tried to get some stickers but the guys not got back to me yet, i want i want i want!

    I will be getting the GB racing frame protectors soon :D

    As far as the tank protectors go, i looked at that group buy, but i want clear not black!
  5. I would prefer clear as well.....I don't really want to cover up the brilliant red!

    **Cue the tirade of anti red abuse!**
  6. thetroublemaker


    Thread Starter

    Meh its ok - we know they are only jealous.

    Thing is i dont like the stomp grips either, i want a nice simple flat clear self adhesive sheet. Simples!
  7. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    TOR can
    T3 sliders
    Gel seat
    Aero screen
    Go faster www.675.cc stickers
  8. R&G Frame sliders, spindle sliders front and rear
    GB Racing bobbin sliders, full set engine armour
    Triumph seat cowl, Triumph aero screen, carbon heat shield, carbon exhaust end cap, carbon hugger, carbon tankpad.

    I don't like the heat shield or hugger and am going to sell them.

    Still waiting on 675.cc stickers
  9. redfreddie


    Location: Surrey
    Arrow can
    Painted Seat Cowl
    Clear LED Rear Light
    Carbon Tank Pad

    Ran out of money ;)
  10. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    CF heatshield
    CF can end cover
    CF fairing infill panels
    Gel seat (yummy)
    Paddock stand bobbins (not an accessory but essential)
    CF tank pad
    DB screen
    S3 Alarm
    675.cc stickers

    I've just picked the bike up from a mate who's fitted Heli bars. Too early to report as yet but first impressions felt like I was on a Street Triple. Roads were very wet so I don't know about the cornering yet either.
  11. Rowly


    Matching seat cowl
    Gel low rider seat
    Carbon tank pad
    GBracing paddock stand bobbins
    GBracing crash mushrooms
    GBracing fork sliders
    GBracing full set engine covers
    Skidmarxs hugger
    Tor can.
    Empty wallet :eek:
    Still to get Double bubble screen,
    Carbon heat shields
    Arrow can when I'm bored with the Tor
    Just about finished
    Or just one more thing, yeah thats it BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  12. You all missed the best extra:


    I alos got Arrow can, gel seat, and alarm. Hmm think there was something else but I cant remember atm.
  13. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire

    me too i like a few trick bits but some people spend a fortune i cant do that so happy with it as it is
  14. Graham H675

    Graham H675

    Location: surrey
    my 08 master
    Comes with corbon infills
    carbon front mud gard
    carbon rear hugger
    and carbon exhaust shild as std
    also got carbon exhaust cover
    RG tail tidy
    T3 frame sliders
    RG front and rear bobbins
    Pazzio clutch and brake levers
    Areo screen
    Flush side repeters
    Indicators in headlight
    All in one rear light clear
    carbon chain gard
    carbon lower chain gard (shark fin)
    rear seat cowl
    gel seat
    TOR can now fitted lol
    Re map (soon to be here)
    carbon tank pad
    carbon heel gards
    datatool s4 alarm
    675.cc stickers
    full engine protection kit
    RG bar end wights
    I think that's it
    OOOHHH i for got soon to change the flush mount side reps for watsen
  15. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    If Jap still had a 675 it would take me a week to read his accessory list :D
  16. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Oooh I got paddock stand bobbins too. I get so used to seeing em that I forget about them.

    But I have also lost a bolt. The one that holds the can onto the rear sub frame. It appears to have gone on holiday. In other words I took it off and can't remember what I did with it.
  17. spike


    Location: oswestry
  18. hank


    clear alternatives tail light
    leo titanium can
    custom fender eliminator
    GB pick up bobbins
    GB shark fin
    GB engine cover set
    GB frame sliders
    rear wave disc
    woodcraft rearsets
    woodcraft clip ons/filled with silicon
    R6 bar ends
    pro grip gel grips
    1050 throttle tube
    ASV shorty levers
    rizoma brake reservoirs
    seat cowl/custom seat cowl
    cox radiator guard
    bitubo steering damper
    preload adjusters
    supermoto engineering fork sliders
    chrome windscreen
    watsen 10 LED indicators
  19. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    Not much then Hank :D

    What are the Woodcraft clip ons like. I've just got some heli bars and they are quality but expensive :!:
  20. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    Well I got the following fitted from the factory ;)

    Carbon front mudguard
    Carbon in-fill panels
    Carbon heel guards
    Carbon chain guard (upper)
    Carbon tank pad
    Carbon hugger
    Carbon heat shield
    Datatool S4 alarm
    Paddock stand Bobbins

    Then I've also had put on from Triumph's catalog

    Carbon end cap on exhaust
    Single seat cowl
    Frame finishers

    But I also have

    Front and rear paddock stands
    Lots of Pro Bolt goodies on fairing, tank, screen etc
    Optimate 4
    Versace bike cover ;) (My Mum works for a shop selling Versace gear, bit chav but for the price I paid for it I don't care :) )

    and finally on the wish list

    New exhaust (yet to be decided, possibly full system)
    Re-map for above
    Some form of protective kit for the bike
    possibly some parts from the Triumph race parts catalog
    Maybe a few more Pro Bolt bits

    Then I'll be spending most of my money on rider training, track time and most probably tyres! ;)


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