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what does a first service consist of?

Discussion in 'General' started by spike, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. spike


    Thread Starter

    Location: oswestry
    what does a first service cover?
    are they suppose to check the parts for tightness?
    got home from work today and found an allen bolt missing from the collar that surrounds the swing arm nut and the other 3 loose :shock:
    i know they cant check everything but in 2 thousand miles my bike has lost
    1 x number plate
    2x rear indicator allen bolts
    1x swing arm collar allen bolt and other 3 loose
    its starting to get on my nerves now :evil:
    does anyone have any advice before i open a can of whoop ass on the bike dealer?
    incidentally the first service was at 850 miles and i never had a problem till after the service :?
  2. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    Is there a service schedule in the manual? normally there is a breakdown of what should be done at what intervals.

    But even so, a spanner check is pretty basic and is included in EVERY service i know of, not just the first or second.

    I'd get back to the dealer ASAP and express your concerns, dont leave it too late. Your fire power is that the work that they have carried out is sub standard, and you either want a) for them to carry out the work properly, or b) a refund.

    Give them every reasonable opportunity to repair the problems, but if they get huffy then you can threaten to report them to Trading Standards, that normally gets them moving.
  3. graycat


    Location: Londinium
    first service is basically and oil and filter swap plus a quick check over. Chain tightening etc as needed.

    I'd be really rather miffed to find bolt checks hadn't been done especially as they'd built the darn bike in the first place!

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