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Wheelie School & Knee down school

Discussion in 'Riding Tips' started by elloryp, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. elloryp


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    Location: UK
    Hi all,

    I lifted the wheel of my cbr500r a few times, and on an S1000r just an inch or two I'm sure but it felt like I was the leader of an L.A. Bikelife rideout.
    Only bought my striple towards the end of summer last year and I've not ridden it even a tenth as much as my previous bikes because I don't ride to commute any more.
    Also, while I'm keen to lose the chicken strips, I'm also madly and deeply in love with my triumph and don't want to twat out and send her spinning down the road (constantly wet and cold gravely Kent roundabouts and new diablo rosso's) I'm just a bit paranoid of my pride and joy.


    Been thinking rather than booking a track day, I'd first hit up a wheelie school and knee down school. By the looks of it, they are about £200 each. I've started saving, am thinking stunt asylum for the wheelie school but not so sure about knee down.
    Anyone done these (I know I know, some of you double hard bastards did it all on 50cc's in the snow when you were 10 and I should man up and do it outside a school where it's quiet blah blah ) but any of you who like me started riding a bit later in life done any of these day courses and got any recommendations and willing to share your experience?

  2. Stu675


    Location: Gu1
    I did a knee down school with a school bike with outriders. Yes I did get me knee down in that false environment. Yes there was some good tuition about body positioning, but i couldn't recommend it as it was far less satisfying than getting your knee down properly on a trackday. (pretty expensive for what it was - as you know)
  3. Frogcake

    Frogcake Moderator Staff Member

    Location: London
    A few of us on here have done the Stunt Asylum wheelie school at Dunsfold Park. I loved it. A lot of fun and good tuition. They teach you how to clutch it up rather than just relying on power.
  4. rdlccrazy


    Location: Leeds
    I’ve done knee down school with i2c in York. Yes I got my knee down a few times before I crashed. Instructor wasn’t impressed as he had got the street triple only a couple of days before
  5. Ellory, being in Kent you are enviously close to brands hatch where you can spend an entire day for less than 100
    Honestly you'll see your riding improve tenfold in such little time
    best circuit for knee down action is snetterton 300 if you can get there too
    but its all body positioning and comes with practice

    at a track you have the best possible surface, and no worries about whats round the corner

    and wheelies you're not allowed to do anywhere so abit pointless:cool: :scarper:
  6. GazP


    Location: Atherstone
    A wheelie is that built in instinct all boys can’t resist as soon as they hit 2 wheels! From your Raleigh burner as a young lad all the way up to your 675 acting like your still that same lad! Lol
  7. Yeah as you can see from my profile pic I like a good wheelie haha
    Around London I’ve seen a few of my friends get 12-24 month bans getting caught though!

    Intoxicatingly addictive too, better not knowing haha
  8. GazP


    Location: Atherstone

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