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whiney engine

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by mikey675, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. mikey675


    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,
    Im new to the 675, just bought a used 2007 model with 3000 miles. Im not sure if im being a biff here but i find the engine really whiney is this a triple thing and normal?
  2. Rowly


    Welcome to the site Mikey, Just to end your worries about the engine whine
    Its like you say and all will agree on here that is the unique sound of the
    triple engine,also if you purchased your bike through an official triumph
    dealer you will hopefully have some guarantee so if you have any concerns
    about the condition of your engine,take it back and have a word I'm sure
    there's nothing to worry about, you will no doubt get many more reassuring
    words on here ;) ;)
  3. " biff ",..now theres an expression i havent heard for a while...the whine is all part of the unique charn these machines have so dont worry, just enjoy it...welcome aboard :D
  4. mikey675


    Thread Starter

    Ahh cheers guys.
  5. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Hi Mikey675, all I can add is the when you have her Whistling you know everything is running well ;)

    One I had the new headers fitted the Whistle was so smooth I could not stop Grinning :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool:

    Welcome on board by the way. ;)
  6. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    I was thinking mine didn't whine but I was out with Jean and both bikes are a bit whiney at low revs. At higher revs then everything changes. They were growling.

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