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windows 7

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by andysjt, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. andysjt


    Thread Starter

    Location: staffordshire
    Hi ,just wondered if anyone know much about windows 7 ? got a flyer telling me its fantastic but i dont know if its softwear or a new type of laptop
  2. as far as i know andy, its the replacement for vista, cos its shite :D
  3. redseven


    Location: Seax
    As above, vista upset a lot of people so Windows7 is an update of Windows XP, or so I've heard.
  4. One of our IT guys has been running Windows 7 rc for a couple months and reckons its shit hot.
  5. andysjt


    Thread Starter

    Location: staffordshire
    well i have had alot of problems with vista at work, and as usual as soon as you get them sorted ,they change the system , but never had too much trouble with xp so if its a sort of xp upgrade it should be good
  6. xp was pretty stable in the end and they replaced it with vista, which is a pretty slow beast. I've not had too many problems with it really but many people have. They've stripped it back completely to a 1/3 of the size of vista and are releasing windows 7. It's supposed to be the nuts! very google-esque
  7. From the screen shots I have seen it is an evolution of Vista....app bars...fancy transparent windows etc. But Microsoft have learnt their lesson and avoided making it a RAM hungry monster that won't run anything! Having said that, I am typing this on my girlfriends laptop running vista and never had any issues.....

    Also I think 7 is touch screen compatible....very fancy.....

    Looked at upgrading my PC running XP to 7, but my comp isn't good enough (something to do with the graphics card being crap) so from that I take it that 7 will be visually superb.....

    It has made me think about buying a new computer, so it must be quite good!
  8. No its definitely an evolution of XP
  9. its windows attempt of competing with mac, mac soo much better!!!!
  10. Sorry but LOL
  11. so how much is the upgrade to windows 7? about £150 or something??
    mac upgrade.... £25, i think windows fails
  12. andysjt


    Thread Starter

    Location: staffordshire
    about £1.50 at the car boot
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I’ve just acquired Win7 and will be trying out on one of my laptops over the weekend if its fast enough – watch this space.

    Ref the Mac debate, I would say that ‘generally’ Mac’s are a tad more stable but Windows allow you to get under the bonnet to tweak it more.
    Apple’s are notorious for a take or leave it attitude regarding updates and their OS. (Operating System)
  14. crj


    Location: Staffs
    After many years of Windows based machines I moved to Mac's a couple of years ago and don't have any regrets whatsoever
    I'm with 675hazza on this one
  15. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    The lack of software for the Mac is one reason to opt for a windows based pc. You can get everything for windows, you can't say the same about Mac's .
  16. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    I have absolutely no idea what you lot are talking about! :lol:
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I happen to think that Microsoft get a hard time as they have made available a product that is fairly easy for the average person to use, have invested massively on their R&D and get penalised for making other applications work well with their product.

    Microsoft getting forced by the courts to drop certain applications is madness as I don’t see this happening in many (If any) other sectors.
    (Imagine a vehicle manufacturer getting forced to leave parts off the end model as there are other alternatives available)

    Apple are known to be anal for pursuing anyone who infringes their ever to white products with the full force if the law.
  18. What do you mean lack of softwear? You can get loads for mac, I find some actually work better on mac than pc
  19. Ref the Mac debate, I would say that ‘generally’ Mac’s are a tad more stable but Windows allow you to get under the bonnet to tweak it more.

    I think this don't help pc, coz too many people can mess with the innerds and then wonder why they brake
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Then they shouldn’t be messing around with things hey don’t know anything about should they ;)

    To be frank, its easy to get yourself out of trouble with windows with the system restore or to use ghosting tools…

    Craig, you must have the stats at hand how many users are running Windows v Mac, can you copy / paste them?

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