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Discussion in 'General' started by Godzilla, May 28, 2009.

  1. Godzilla


    Thread Starter

    Passed my IAM advanced motorcycle test this morning.

    Did it with SLAM Bikers.

    I can recomend everyone to do this. Ive learnt loads and had a good time as well. And the concept of slow old dodderes in fluo yellow is sooo wring. Some of them may be getting on and ride Pan Europeans and Gold wings but they are definately not slow.

    To OOWH,

    I belive you start tonight at the Hartwood. Good luck mate, you will enjoy it :)
  2. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    congrats mate thats something to be proud off mate
    how much did it cost over all & how long did it take you to do ?

    did you pas 1ST time ?

    been thinking of doing this for some time coz it could save yr life

  3. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats, dude :D

    I got the ticket too :) don't always ride to 'the system' TBH :oops: But I learned loads and I think I'm a safer rider. It was one of the wife's conditions for me to get back on a bike after a major off. Passed 1st time :D
  4. Godzilla


    Thread Starter

    The cost of the course was £109 if I recall correctly. Well worth the money because it can save you that in insurance. I did mine in 6 weeks with one observed ride per week taking about 2.5 hours per ride, then lots of practise myself. Just shy of 2k miles on those 6 weeks.
    However there is no way £100 of mods could have made me faster and safer at the same time.
    Money well spent.
    I have also made a couple of new friends, my observer being one, and we have alrady decided a night for another ride out so I hope to continue improving with his help.

    To sum up, if this has crossed your mind DO IT. I will be really surprised if you dont enjoy it and dont become a better rider.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, thats 3 tests I have passed first time now.
  5. Rowly


    Seems to be a worthwhile course if it improves your riding skills, and saves you
    money on your insurance, may have to consider doing it myself.
    Well done Godzilla ;)
  6. Congratulations mate. Yes I start tonight with SLAM as well. I have had an email saying that they expect legal number plates and visors, so that's a couple of things I have to do before I even start!!!

    I paid back at the NEC and it was £109.
  7. Godzilla


    Thread Starter

    Well my Arrow can isnt exactly legal, but the examiner did comment on it in a round about way after the ride and expressed surprise that the tyres were street legal as soon as he saw them :lol: :lol: :shock:

    And thanks all :)
  8. crj


    Location: Staffs
    Well done, congratulations. That's something we all should consider if we haven't already done so.
  9. JDB


    Location: NW Hampshire, UK
    Many congratulations. Well worth doing, even if you don't ride to the system all the time the background knowledge and approach is there and that can save your life as it becomes automatic.
    When you insurance comes up check with Sureity (Sp? - check but its in the IAM magazine) - for years it made no difference - but this year it almost felt as though they were giving it away!
  10. Stu


    Location: Leeds
    Congrats and well done.

    Both Jean and I have done it and I'm sure we are both better riders for it. We've been tearing up and down Scotland this last week in groups of around 8 bikes and we came across a fatality. We were only a couple of mins behind the crash and from the eye witnesses he was the architect of his own demise. I used to ride like a knob with no respect for other road users and and no observation skills. I also was just plain crap. The IAM sorted me out and has kept me alive.

    Anyone thinking of doing this then do it. It's on par with a helmet as part of your safty kit.

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