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675's Seen on the Road

Discussion in 'General' started by Stu, May 4, 2009.

  1. Gold with union flag front end seen on Carhome road in Lincoln, anyone on here?
  2. jim2


    3 X graphites and the new pearl white se at box hill today !!
  3. Stu


    Thread Starter

    Location: Leeds
    Seen a graphite in Barwick in Elmet today at 3:40pm. Rider was probably on his way to Sherburn. We'd just dropped the Landy off so Jean was on the back of me.
  4. Graham H675

    Graham H675

    Location: surrey
    Hi jim2 one graphite was me look forward to seeing u again at some point up there
  5. I did see a 06 graphite near holme upon spalding moor, me and 8 other bikes over took him, no idea if they're on here but I was with a couple of repsol blades and 2 blue/white gxsrs just in case they are.
  6. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Graphite with taking the piss plate in Bala Saturday afternoon
  7. BigBoulton


    Location: Plymouth
    Seen a Gold fella outside the mighty Britania Stadium the last few games of the season.

    Anybody here??? Would like to congratulate them on their impeccable taste in bikes and team :D
  8. Saw a red one on the M61 heading North just after the Reebok junction in the rain, this morning just before 9?
  9. Hmm I went that way towards chorley, but it would be shortly after 8 iirc.
  10. Black Helmet and my clock in the car said 8.58.
  11. Nope not me then, red and white helmet.
  12. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    two for the price of one today :D

    # no1 Red 675 going north on m6 between j 10 -j11 about 6.50 am
    # no2 black 675 se ? going north on m6 between j 11 -12 about 11.30 am two up rideing like a loon with belgian or french plates on
  13. yellow one coming into Canton about 3ish today
  14. A red (best colour) one coming past the Travellers Rest pub in Euxton (Chorley) about 5 mins ago!
  15. Seen a gold one on the road coming out of ollerton notts going toward newark
  16. did i see a black one coming from Lytham bike meet last night? 20:30ish (Monday)

    or did i imagine it?
  17. I was at the Lythm Bike meet last night and left at 20:10 ish but mine is the faster red version :)
  18. well i wouldnt of seen you then if you have a fast one
  19. Have seen a Red 09 and a Grey 06-08 at the Knott End cafe tonight.
  20. JimR



    I was there last night, on my black one, I saw a red one with polished rims, seen it in Newquay a few times and a black one

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